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  1. nic2ie

    nic2ie Well-Known Member

    Hi there.

    I turned 50 last year and had the good news from the doctor about high pressure and cholesterol and told I had to lose weight or risk a stroke or heart attack and all that's seems to have happened is it has got worse and I'm the heaviest I've been. It's like im on a self destruct buzz!

    I know what I have to do to lose the weight just for some reason I can't seem to stick to a healthy eating plan for more than a few days without pigging out.

    So I'm going to try to keep a diary and see how that goes. It's the one thing I've never really done before so worth a try I guess At least I'll be able to look back and hopefully see where I went wrong.

    First thing I'm going up do this week is give up my 2 favourite vices - take away foods and cola. I drink at least a litre of cola sometimes two a day and would have takeaway at least 3 times a week. So I think just cutting out that should be a good start and actually begin some sort of weight loss.

    Anyway tomorrow I will start so Tonight I'll have a fond farewell to both of my dear old friends !!

    Thanks for reading. Talk to you again tomorro
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  3. Escapade

    Escapade Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your weight loss journey x

    I used to be addicted to diet coke, when I started my healthy eating plan I stopped all fizzy drinks, to start with water made me want to gag but now I physically cant drink coke, it feels thick and just so sweet, puts my teeth on edge! I occasionally drink orange squash but most the time its just plan old water, its amazing how much your taste buds can change!
  4. nic2ie

    nic2ie Well-Known Member

    The thought of water does nothing for me I think I'll change to diet drinks first and maybe squash use to love that as a kid and see how that goes.

    How long did it you to change over?
  5. nic2ie

    nic2ie Well-Known Member

    Well first weigh in today came in at 257 heaviest ever and definitely incentive to kick start the new plan.

    Also got a Easter egg delivered from the take away website we always book thru. I know they probably think it's nice to show their appreciation to good customers but it's mAde me realise how much of a good customer we are and it has to stop.

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