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Danni's Weight Loss Diary


*Purple Penguin*
Hello :)

I need to move any talk about weight and food off my blog, as I have a couple of friends with eating disorders who find it a bit triggering. Hopefully having a diary here will help while I try to lose weight :)

I rejoined Slimming World on Tuesday, and I'm currently trying Extra Easy. I last went there about 3 years ago, and managed to lose 1 stone 11.5lbs by myself in that time, mostly by following some of the principles in a very vague way. My weight has stayed the same for the past few weeks though, hence rejoining Slimming World.

I don't know which starting weight to use at the moment- at the meetings we're going off my original starting weight of 16st 1lb, but on here for now I've put my current weight. I may swap to the same as the meetings one if I can get my head around it.

I tend not to have breakfast, mostly because I normally wake up sometime between 10am and 4pm. Sometimes I'm awake and hungry enough to have it though.

I'm also autistic and am ill with ME/CFS, which complicates things a little bit. One of my motivations for losing weight is so it's easier for my husband to lift me and push me in my wheelchair. I think I can do it :)
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*Purple Penguin*
Arg. Starting to get thoughts in my head that I've gained a ton of weight from all the fruit I've been eating, and from the day out I had on Saturday (flexisyned to 30). I know it's silly, and that I've probably lost some, but the weigh in is tomorrow and I'm scared. I should be fine once I've been to this weigh in, it's just getting through the next 24 hours without scaring myself silly.

Okay, maybe it will help if I post what I'm eating, so you can tell me if I'm right to be worried or if I'm just being silly.


No breakfast (wasn't awake properly until midday)

Lunch: 4 egg omelette and a couple of apples, as I've run out of salad.

Snacks so far: frozen grapes, carrots and a bowl of strawberries and grapes with some fat free natural yoghurt.

Planned tea: Sweet potatoes with quark and mixed veg.

Planned snack of Babybels when I feel like them (or swapping the quark for mozzarella on my sweet potato).

Syns: 3 blackcurrant and liquorice sweets, 5 syns.

The only thing I have in that counts as a healthy extra B is Asda wholemeal pitta, but I don't fancy one. Shopping tomorrow.
First of all, congratulations on the original weight loss! And well done for having the courage to go back and join slimming world.
Your story is quite inspirational, and I'm sure with the help that you will receive on Minimins, you will lose the weight that you need!
I will keep coming back to have a nosey at your diary!
Good Luck!
Charlotte x


*Purple Penguin*
Thank you Charlotte :)


*Purple Penguin*
Less than two hours until weigh in, and I'm feeling really bloated and horrible :( Not sure what it is, but my normally loose skirt is feeling rather tight. I'm also feeling more ill than is normal, so it may be related to that. Hopefully I'll be able to stand for long enough to get weighed :)

Had the planned tea last night, and the Babybel as snacks. So far today I've had an Oriental Stir Fry (all the ingredients are superfree :D), Thai Rice (put it through the calculator and it's free) with balsamic vinegar. Was really tasty :D My have some frozen grapes in a bit to try and sooth my sore throat, and I'm on my second litre of water.

Don't know what's for tea tonight, as it'll be after weigh in. Maybe I'll be able to convince my husband to take me to the Sainsburys not too far from the meeting :)
Hope your WI in goes well, Im sure you will be fine! Your oriental stir fry sounds lovely!


*Purple Penguin*
I stayed the same. Not too bad- didn't help that I was sitting there before weigh in emptying the litre of water I keep on the back of my wheelchair :p

The Oriental Stir Fry is from Asda, in the frozen section. A bag does 4 people quite comfortably- it claims to have 6 servings but both of us think we want more.

After weigh in ate a carton of mixed fruit as I was peckish and had to take painkillers, which make me sick if I've got an empty stomach. Stayed for the entire time, and then went to Sainsburys where I got some salad for tea, along with some king prawns and some more strawberries and stuff. I've also eaten a hifi bar and 2 babybel.

Also did an Asda shop tonight, to be delivered tomorrow. Stocking up on Muller Light yoghurts, to make a change from the non-flavoured fat free stuff.

I'm going to stick to it 100% this week, and am keeping my food diary on my computer, to be printed next Tuesday (with agreement from my consultant, as I can't write very well). Hopefully next week shall be a loss.

In other news, on the way out both the little girl next door (age either 3 or 4) and my consultant liked my shoes with the rainbow laces :p


*Purple Penguin*
Changed my details to when I first started Slimming World. It helps to remind me how far I've already come, and also means that I can celebrate awards more accurately :)


*Purple Penguin*
This is typical- Wednesday mornings are my lie in day, as I don't get a morning carer, but today I was awake by 10am (the time they come on other days). Not eaten yet because not been hungry, though I'm drinking the bottle of flavoured sparkling water that my husband found in the kitchen yesterday.

Last night at the meeting I bought a selection of hifi bars, so I should at least get a healthy extra B in every day. They also satisfy my chocolate/sweet cravings, which is awesome :)

Forgot to use any syns yesterday. Not that that's a bad thing, so long as I don't do it too often. Maybe it balances out the mass use of syns last Saturday? :)

Lunch for today: cheese omelette (using 42g mozzarella as healthy extra A) with salad, and fruit for dessert. (Husband is now making it, and accidently put four eggs in... I guess I'll need to eat a lot of salad :p)

Tea for tonight: Sticky chicken with veg, probably with more fruit.

Asda order is arriving this afternoon, so I'll have even more fruit plus yoghurts and crab sticks for snacks.

Only worry for today is will my carer schedule come though, and who will be giving me my bath tonight. I'm hoping it's my favourite carer- she's the only one who lets me rest between each step. The others all rush me, even though I have an hour for it.


*Purple Penguin*
My cheese omelette ended up being cheesy scrambled eggs. I'm not complaining- they were yummy! Had frozen grapes about half an hour afterwards to try and calm down my sore throat. They helped a bit.

Asda order arrived and I tried one of the Coconut Muller Lights. They are gorgeous! I'm wishing I'd bought more, as I only got five. May have to send husband to Asda next week or something.

Also had a pack of melon and grapes when I got a bit peckish half an hour ago and a hifi bar, as tea will be after I've had my bath, at around 7pm.

My main problem now is what to spend my syns on, especially since the Hifi bars are dealing with any sweets/chocolate cravings I'm having. There's 2 syns in the sticky chicken, but that's about it. I don't want to eat anything just for the sake of eating it though.

I also got my Club 10 letter today :D That was a nice surprise. I also have some bright pink ear defenders, which may mean I can sleep a bit earlier :)


*Purple Penguin*
Sticky chicken is gorgeous! As I had half it was 4 syns, but that was amazing. My husband has said we'll be having it again :)

About to have some fruit and a crab stick, then it'll be sleeping as I get my AS Level result tomorrow. Eek!


*Purple Penguin*
I got an A in my AS Computing :D Squee!

Today was an early start to pick up my results, so I packed some fruit to nibble on while I was out. I also had a Wispa as I really wanted some chocolate to celebrate. Only had one, though :)

Lunch: Bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms (a "fry up" without the oil).

Don't know what we're having for tea tonight yet.

Was hard being in Greggs while my husband was choosing a sandwich. They all looked and smelt soo good.
well done on the AS result! I got my A2 results yesterday, nerve- racking isn't it?!
Your lunch looked yummy, well done for resisting the Greggs food!


*Purple Penguin*
How did you do in your A2s? I've got mine to come- I said if I got an A I was going back no matter how I am health-wise (as it's the last year the college is offering the course) so I guess I am now.

Yesterday was really really hungry, even after lunch. Gobbled my way through loads of fruit, a couple of Muller Lights and some crabsticks before it settled down about 3 hours later. I think it was being out so long, as I was sat up for a very long time.

Last night's tea was Oriental stir fry, with turkey. Was yummy. I followed it with strawberries and a Muller Light. Had a Hifi bar as my healthy extra B, forgot to have my healthy extra A. Whoops :p

This morning I was hungry when I woke up, so had some strawberries and a Muller Light for breakfast, then a clementine. Lunch was mixed seafood with salad, with another clementine and an apple afterwards. I don't know what will be for tea tonight yet, but I still have all my healthy extras and syns to go, so I can have something really yummy :)
Your food looks yummy again as always!
I got a B, C and a D which I am very pleased with! Good luck with your A2's, they will fly by, and before you know it, you will be waiting for those results!


One day at a time, one step at a time
Can't believe I missed your diary I am sorry sweetie

Well done on your exam result :D proud of you hun

and a 10% letter way to go girl you are doing brilliantly. I smiled when you said you didn't know what to use your syns on, ie send them to me :D I rarely have trouble using mine.

Today I was like 4pm not used any syns :eek: what can I have so I had quavers and 2 alpen lights a low fat binge :8855:

Keep up the good work sweetie xxxxx


*Purple Penguin*
Well done Charlotte! That's excellent :D I'm just doing the one A Level because I am ill, but hope to go to university in a few years if I'm well enough.

Jackie, it would be nice if there was a big pot we could put our syns in, and we could take out what we wanted/needed for the day :p Probably wouldn't help everyone's weight loss, though ;)

I had a Hifi bar as I was hungry, and I'm having a cheese, ham and mushroom omelette with for tea as Johan is tired and doesn't want to cook anything that takes ages. That'll be both healthy extras eaten, but still no syns. May ask what ice lollies we have in :p


*Purple Penguin*
I did. An Asda Swirly Whirly. They're 9.5 syns each, but they're lovely.

I always drink a lot of water, especially since I have a hydrant so can have a litre on the back of my bed/wheelchair that I can drink when I want without constantly asking for refills. It does mean my husband gets a lot of exercise pushing me to and from the toilet, though :)

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