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Danni's Weight Loss Diary


*Purple Penguin*


One day at a time, one step at a time
Hello everyone :)

Rubbish night's sleep :( Woke up a few times, then at 5am desperate for the toilet, but Johan forgot to bring the commode through so had to wait until he woke up at 7.30am. Exhausted, but a nap wasn't happening so have just messed around online today.

Breakfast: Strawberries and a vanilla with chocolate sprinkles Muller Light

Lunch: Boiled eggs with lettuce, cucumber and tomato

Tea: Probably steak and veg.

Planned snacks: 2 Alpen Light bars, 2 babybel, fruit.

Weigh in at 5pm tonight. Starting to get nervous now, but it should be okay, especially if I remember my book this time so I'm not sat waiting while draining my water bottle :p
awwww sorry you had a rubbish night :( not good :(

1/2 lb off and 2 1/2 stone award. I'm happy with that. Also stuffed from the buffet for the Woman of the Year award so I'll be skipping the steak. Now to try and estimate the syns...
well done you! 2.5 stone is amazing. Way to go girl :talk017:

personally i'd flexi syn it and move on. Its weigh day anyway and you are allowed a treat :D xxxxxxx


*Purple Penguin*
Not sure I ate over 15 syns (most of the food was syn free) and I've not had any others today, so I'll put it down as ~15 on my diary and will be done with it.


*Purple Penguin*
Bad Danni! Woke up at 2am this morning desperate for the toilet, no commode again :( Managed to doze off again at about 3am for a couple of hours, but then was lying in bed desperate. Ended up crawling to the toilet about 8.30am and collapsing in the bathroom from the exertion. Was rescued around 9.15am and rested on the bed for an hour. Ate a chocolate bar to make myself feel better as dizzy from low blood sugar, which worked, but I should have had fruit instead.

Not had any breakfast yet (other than chocolate) but Johan is making me some strawberries and yoghurt in the kitchen. No idea what I'll be having for lunch or tea yet.

Also having a bad day emotionally. Feeling a bit like what's the point if I'm not going to lose much more weight following Slimming World than doing my own thing. Yes I got my 2 1/2 stone shiny yesterday (though I had to ask for it) but most of that was weight that came off while not following the plan and eating junk. I dunno- maybe it's because I'm eating more because what I'm eating isn't satisfying me the way my full fat burgers and stuff did? I do seem to need a lot more food to keep hunger away than I did, and I never got those 3 hour hunger periods which are really uncomfortable before this.

I'm sorry for the rant. Just really emotional today.


One day at a time, one step at a time
Now come on missy wheres all this come from ?

I am sorry I missed this sweetie I went out early today.

Slimming world is a healthy way to lost weight. Burgers aren't..... Get Johan to make you a lovely healthy SW bacon, cheeseburger :D

come on sweetie you know its right. You don't want to live on rubbish. you're having a poo time at the moment and are understandably feeling very emotional, it must all get to you at times. it really must

I don't really know what to say. I'm rambling on, but just wanted to see how you are now xxxxx


*Purple Penguin*
I think I was just particularly ill today, especially since I managed to forget to eat after breakfast. Not hungry, and I have no way of getting food even if I was.

Spent most of the day resting, so hopefully I'll be back to normal in a few days.

As for how long I've done Slimming World, a few weeks in 2008 and two weeks now. My weight gain was caused by medication, so once I stopped taking them (because of excessive weight gain- I'm unusually sensitive to medications) most of the weight came off with no changes to my normal diet or exercise. I'm still on one of the medications, though I'm hoping to come off it soon.

My main reason for joining Slimming World again was my weight loss stalling, probably due to less activity because I'm more ill now. At the same time I think I need to start seeing some real losses over the next few weeks (0.5 lbs was probably just the difference in water consumption, as I'd had over half a litre of water just before weigh in last week, and none for an hour before this week) or I may have to consider whether it'll work for someone in my situation.


One day at a time, one step at a time
It will work Danni you need to give it time sweetie, plus you have the added disadvantage of not being able to exercise (not that I do).

I didn't find a full week of EE suited me I'd have really low losses is 1/2lb but found having the odd green day, odd EE day and more red worked best for me :)

Mixing the meals up abit helps too as don't know about you I am a creature of habit

Anyway you have to stick to SW cos we'd all miss you. :D (((hugs))) its disheartening I know it is. Been there , but it will work :)

Hope you have a better day today sweetie.

I don't know much about ME etc but had a friend that went through an awful stage with it and then improved no end, but then just had bouts of it. Is this how it is for you? I am not being nosey, I am not like that, just genuinelly care xxxxx


*Purple Penguin*
Thank you, both of you. I'm going to keep going for a few more weeks before deciding what to do.

I calculated the syns needed for my favourite dinner of dragon burgers with cheese in a bun. A dragon burger (actually an Aberdeen Angus burger- I called it a dragon burger while playing World of Warcraft and it stuck) is between 5 and 6 syns each. A white burger bun (I have texture issues with wholemeal) is 7.5 syns. I can use cheese from my healthy extra allowance and I normally have it with salad anyway, so that's my superfree sorted. That would be either 12.5 or 13.5 syns in total, so within my allowance.

At the moment I'm restricted by what food Johan is able to cook. Anything that involves more than four steps is out, as he has problems with keeping on top of what needs doing and gets overwhelmed. I can't think of a solution to this, as I had a very similar problem when I was still able to cook.

My ME has been pretty stable since January, it's just been stable at moderate to severe. Cognitively I'm more moderate, which is good as it means I can still read a bit, watch a little bit of television, and use a computer. Physically I'm severe, being unable to stand for more than a few seconds on a good day, unable to sit up for that long, and often finding it difficult to move at all. I also get muscle spasms, mostly in my limbs, which makes life interesting. I also struggle to hold things- often a cup with a drink in it is just too heavy to lift. I have a water bottle with a tube that makes that easier though. I also have the other ME problems of constant severe pain especially in my limbs, sore throat, temperature disregulation, metabolism issues, brain fog, nausea. Basically, I feel like I've got a bad case of flu, everyday.

I'm hoping my ME will improve, but it looks like it's going to take a long time. I have a goal of being able to walk a few steps in about 6 months, and I'm having Graded Activity Therapy to try and help me with that. It does mean I'm trying to keep an activity diary on top of a food diary though, and I'm finding it difficult to keep on top of both of them. Listing my meals here is easy- trying to remember which bits are free, which are superfree, what's a healthy extra and how many syns are in everything is very difficult.

Okay, enough waffling.

Breakfast: Alpen Light bar (1/2 healthy extra B), frozen grapes and a coconut Muller Light.

Lunch: Not sure yet, probably an omelette and veg.

Tea: Dragon burger with cheese and a bun, with salad (12.5 or 13.5 syns, depending on the actual syns of a dragon burger).
It sounds awful. I do hope it improves for you and the sooner the better.

Red and green may be the way to go. Red days you can have bacon butties and green days beans on toast or egg and chips. He should be able to cook them cos they're easy.

What about thinking about some teas you want to eat and when you're up to it put them on here and we can say what's free, hex and syns. Just trying to think what we can help with but don't know if that would make it harder.

I know you're not happy with the 1/2lb loss but on average I lose 1lb a week and I move about (not aerobics type moving) so really for someone who is as imobile as you are it is a good loss.


*Purple Penguin*
I'm getting pretty used to it, just gets me a bit down occasionally, like yesterday. I could be a lot worse- some of my friends have to be tube fed, as they haven't got the energy to swallow anymore, and I'm not completely housebound.

I'm going to try having either a red or green day tomorrow I think. Just need to figure out how many syns are in peas if I have a red day, as the mixed veg I normally have contains them :p

Today's food went pretty much as planned. Dragon burgers are 5 syns each and Johan found some 7 syn buns, so I've had 12 syns in total today, as well as superfree with every meal. Snacks were frozen grapes, apples and another Alpen Light bar (other half healthy extra). Feeling a lot better about things, even if weight loss is going to be exceedingly slow. I do have a question though- any ideas on how to make nice, syn free ice lollies? It's what I normally used to soothe my throat so reduced the amount of painkillers I needed, but I get through loads so can't really have synnable ones.


*Purple Penguin*
Given up on plans for a green or red day today. Extra Easy it will be, as we're running out of food :p Sending Johan to the supermarket to stock back up.

Also getting caught up on sleep. Had 11.5 hours last night, according to my activity diary. Woke up at around 1pm so missed breakfast.

Lunch: 2 apples and a mugshot.

Tea: Probably steak and veg.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting as Johan is off to Manchester to see some friends, and my brother is coming over to look after me. As he's a teenager, and I'm not sure what cooking skills his foster parents have given him, I need to have some easy to prepare foods in. I am thinking for tomorrow it will be salad with cold meat, plus fruit as snacks. Johan may be able to cook for me when he gets back, and I'll have some money for my brother to get a pizza from downstairs.


One day at a time, one step at a time
glad you caught up on some sleep sweetie. Hope your brother looks after you well tomorrow :)

you can do this and it works. Who wants a diet they have to weigh stuff etc etc. I definately dont

sorry for short post I am shattered today with a poorly Charlie bless her. Sleeping on sofa tonight, should be fun lol. xxxxxx


*Purple Penguin*
Hello :)

My brother had a pizza, so I had a punnet of frozen grapes. I wasn't intending to eat the whole punnet, but it disappeared while I was watching Doctor Who. Oh well, could have been worse.

Overall today has been okay food-wise. had strawberries and yoghurt for breakfast, grapes and crabsticks for lunch, seafood and salad for tea with Alpen Lights and yoghurt for dessert. Snacked on clementines, as well as the frozen grapes. Still need to have some syns (either a chocolate bar or an ice lolly- not sure yet) and a couple of Babybel.

Waiting for my husband to get home now. Also bought a new wheelchair- it's the same as my current one, just less broken :p

My brother has been fun to have here, but he can't drive my wheelchair without crashing :p


*Purple Penguin*
I slept for over 12 hours. Feel like I've not slept at all, but hat's normal for me. Johan got home fine last night. He really enjoyed seeing his friends again.

My brother is still here, as he couldn't be bothered getting two buses yesterday. I'm about to have my normal breakfast of strawberries and yoghurt :p


One day at a time, one step at a time
Glad you had a good sleep, just sorry you don't feel like you did :(

Whats on the menu today then sweetie?

I am having a red day today but I've eaten my two HEXA's and B's for lunch . .... so need to rethink what to have with my chilli tonight.... I think I might make some bns chips and celeriac chips to go with it... not sure what it will be like but my brain will think its potato :8855:


*Purple Penguin*
Breakfast was so late I didn't have lunch, and it's a massive lump of steak for tea :) Having a red day also so double healthy extras- having the steak with salad (all superfree) and I've had one hifi bar so far, along with a couple of clementines, so things are going well. Have a Wispa in the freezer which will be my syns, and will nibble on Babybel as I want them.


*Purple Penguin*
Just did some calculations. At my current rate of weight loss, it will take me 4 years 2 months to get to target. Yay for depressing myself.

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