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Dave's diary - back on plan, back on Minimins


I ♥ Slimming World :)
My name is Dave and I have a weight problem.

I haven't ever needed to join alcoholics anonymous, but I would admit to being in dire need of a food-related one!

My weight problems began so long ago I actually can't remember being anything except fat and overweight. As long as I can remember I have always felt very self-conscious about my body, and have never liked the way I am.

I also feel like I have been dieting for over 20 years!

In reality of course, I started out healthy and fit, and brought myself to where I am by eating too much and the wrong types of food, and not exercising enough.

And as for diets, to be honest, every time I have managed to follow one properly the weight has fallen off quite easily!! The problem has always been sticking to a diet / healthy eating plan for long enough, and of course teaching myself how to eat well so that when I do come off the diet I don't pile it all back on again.

I'm not going to spend too long looking back, only forward, I can't undo anything from the past, but I can learn from it.

On Tuesday just gone, I joined my local Slimming World club, hosted by the lovely Sally. As expected, I was the only guy there, but that isn't a problem - this isn't about being male or female, it's about people meeting up and helping each other all sharing the same goal.

I have spent the last couple of days going over all the information I was given, and checking out some of the recipes on the website too. Yum!

I think this diet will suit me as it requires a lot of planning which I like to do, and on green days I can eat loads of my favourites such as pasta and rice.

My goal isn't really a particular weight, more a feeling about myself. I hate myself for never having taken my kids swimming as I am too embarassed about my body, and I am fed up having to go miles to a specialist clothes shop to get clothes rather than be able to get into some on the high street.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi, and wish you all the very best on your journeys. I will be posting back here whenever I want to add something to my diary, you are all welcome to write in it too. I plan to read my (and maybe yours) posts anytime when I am struggling.

Dave :)
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Welcome Dave..This site is a very good support network to add to your journey with SW.

I have struggled with my weight on and off for years....Since having my children....I am struggling at the moment trying to get over the stone mark...I will get there eventually, like I am sure you will too.
I also enjoy the planning part of it, I plan a full weekly menu, brekky, lunch, dinner and pudding...Then I shop for the lot...
That way I don't get caught in the random shopping and picking up anything to have as a 'quick' tea....
Luckily my husband does SW with me too and is loving the food I cook.
Best of luck and keep us all posted of your progress


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and welcome to minimins, you have come to the right place for support, everyone is very helpful. I really think sw is a fab plan that is realistic and something that is a change of way of eating forever. Good luck on your weightloss journey x


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I plan a full weekly menu, brekky, lunch, dinner and pudding...Then I shop for the lot...
That way I don't get caught in the random shopping and picking up anything to have as a 'quick' tea....
Luckily my husband does SW with me too and is loving the food I cook.
Best of luck and keep us all posted of your progress
Hi and thanks for the welcome, it felt very odd laying myself so bare without even knowing abybody, but I guess we are all pretty much in the same boat and feel the same way.

I have just finished planning my brekkies/lunches/dinners and snacky foods for next week and will be shopping tomorrow.

My wife has been doing WW but after we went through it all together with my SW books has decided to come over to SW with me (although she won't be joining/going to meetings with me) so that will be great :D

I actually lost 3 stone since Christmas by 'healthy eating' (as opposed to following a laid down diet) and cycling but I stopped both and have put most of the weight back on GRRRRR.

Something about this diet feels different, and I feel positive it is going to be very successful for me.

Keep up your good work, hope you hit the stone soon.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
I'm just back from Tesco!

Shopping cost a little more than usual, though it will be worth it in the long-run when I lose all my excess weight :)

I have all my breakfasts/lunches/dinners and even some snacks planned for next week, and I start tomorrow - with 2 Weetabix, milk and some splenda. Haven't had breakfast for years so it will take some getting used to haha.

The last few times I have tried to weigh myself at home all I get on my digital scales has been ERR as I have been too heavy for them - the limit is 23st 8lbs. But this morning I showed as 23st 6lb!! Which also means I can use my Wii fit board again (it has the same maximum limit on it).

I knew I wasn't too far away from getting under that limit, as my weigh in Tuesday at the club was 24 stone, and that was with clothes on and I had had my dinner about 90 minutes earlier. This morning I had just had a good night's sleep and was wearing only my Birthday suit!

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow :)
Hi Dave

Our shopping reciept sometimes make us wince! hahaha
But you have everything you need for the whole week...You would have ended up spending that and more on several little shopping trips..I find shopping online stops you from spending more also..
It's a lot of work also as you make things from scratch most of the time..
I had forgotten how time consuming some cooking can be..I really enjoy it though...I never used to buy ready made before and I am getting used to spending ages in the kitchen....Put some music on a cook away!! hahahaha
I have a massive ring binder full of SW recipes I have collected over the years. Along with several cookery books..But I also like to adapt favourite recipes to SW.

Good luck with the weigh in and I hope the planning works out

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say Hi and welcome along to SW and minis! Your opening post was great, very honest - we are all in the same boat on here, and it's a really helpful forum.
Good to have you with us.


I ♥ Slimming World :)
So ... tomorrow is the big day ... Day One !!

This is my eating plan:
Breakfast - 2 Weetabix (HEB), 350ml skimmed milk (HEA), splenda
Lunch - Batchelors savoury rice (-), 3 boiled eggs (-)
Dinner - 113g tuna in spring water (HEB), loads of pasta (-), sweetcorn (-), 4 level tablespoons reduced calorie mayo (10 syns)

snacks throughout day - 2 x Dairylea original triangles, banana, grapes

I use both by HEBs, both my HEAs, 10 syns and plenty of free food too. Any drink I have will be either low calorie squash or Pepsi Max both of which are freebies.

I am going to a wedding reception tomorrow night but I will have my dinner a little later than normal and will avoid the buffet (except perhaps any freebies I might see if I want to be sociable!) and just drink diet cokes.

Can't wait :)

p.s. I ought to add it is a green day, as most if not all of mine will be!
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I ♥ Slimming World :)
Hi all for the welcomes and lovely comments :)

Day One has begun!

Just had my first breakfast in YEARS lol, and very nice it was too.

Although I haven't had them for ages, I am a fan of Weetabix - great choice as it uses one of my HEBs and there's no measuring! I was a little unsure of the Splenda sugar-replacement stuff, but it was fine. Milkwise, I was advised about 'One' which is skimmed but tasted like semi skimmed. Yeah right, I thought, but decided to give it a go. YUM! 350ml was too much for my Weetabix but I finished the rest off as a drink and it tasted just superb!

Perfect start to the day !
what a wonderful start to your day - and your diary too - your first post was very 'open' the only thing I would add to your breakfast would be some fruit - I often have two weetabix with fruit and fat free yog and save one of the bix for the evening when I get the muchies and do the same
just crush the bix add lots of fruit (frozen summer fruits are good and lazy :) ) and then top with yog

as from Monday think I will start my own diary and keep me focussed and more accountable (to me of course) I am not starting till Monday as its my daughters partners birthday tomorrow and I am cooking a chocolate cake - and having raspberries with it and some scones - so I know I wont be able to stay within points

hope you have a really good weekend - I am sure your first weigh in will be a really good one :)


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Hi Aaleigha,

Good idea about adding fruit to my cereal, I could slice a banana up and throw it on, yum! I struggle to eat a breakfast (my shifts at work mean I am sometimes up at 03.00 and it really is too early to want to eat) but if I am gonna eat then 1 Weetabix would only be a tease lol, it's two or nothing!

I agree that a diary like this will help to keep you accountable, I shall continue to add my inane thoughts and daily witterings to my diary so I have something to refer to when I am having a low moment, or really struggling for some reason. Also, I look forward to looking back on my early posts in a few months to remind myself how much weight I have lost :)

All the best for your journey


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Just got home from the wedding reception - 2 hour journey thanks to engineering works (would normally be 20 minutes!).

The buffet there smelt fabulous (few indian/spicy bits) but not even tempted - had filled myself up just before I went with my pasta/tuna/sweetcorn/mayo dinner, and knew I was coming home to an apple and a few grapes :)

Day two tomorrow, and my first chance to try a smoothie maker I got for christmas last year as I plan to make my breakfast with it


I ♥ Slimming World :)

fruit, that would have been normally free on a green day, is not so free once it is pureed!?!

My 'syn free' smoothie that I had for brekky has cost me 6 syns Grrrr.

Had no idea that pureed fruit isn't free, so grateful to a member of this forum for pointing that out now, rather than me finding out later.

I've had to swap tonight's dinner plans with Wednesday's just to make sure I don't exceed my daily syn amount.

Don't confess to understand why it should be different pureed though lol!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
The bulk of my Day two is over - brekky was a little bit of a nightmare in the end but managed to work around it ok, lunch was Baxters soup (HEb) and a few slices of WW malted danish (HEb) with a smidgeon of low cal spread (3 syns) on it. Then went for a Muller light banana and custard yoghurt (free) for some afters and was impressed with how tasty it was!

Just finished my dinner and it was jacket potato (free) with beans (free) and 42g low calorie cheddar (HEa), also had a corn on the cob with it (free), feeling very full right now.

If I get peckish later I can reach for an apple or some grapes.

Gonna watch a bit of tv with the wife and boys, then when they go up to bed I am gonna jump on the Wii fit :)
100% day and wii fit
most impressed
well I wont be doing wii fit (dont own one) but I will be starting a running programme - on my rebounder - to help the joints :)
hopefully I will be able to do the programme even if I have to slow it down somewhat

I also plan to do 2mins twice a day on the exercise bike - that is as much as I can do in one go without being in a lot of pain but of course that will go up

good luck with that wii fit
do you have a target you are aiming for with your wii fit


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Actually I have been 100% since I began on SW. OK OK it's only two days lol

I used to do the Wii fit, it helped me to lose 3 stone earlier this year, I've put over two of them back on Grrrr.

When I started on it everything was hard work, but after a short while I built up and up and in the end I was doing a 30 minute run and 30 minute step each night (both of those you can do watching a tv channel!!) and mixing in the boxing and the hula-hooping (OMG that hurts lol)

I am back to scratch now, and will start gently as I did last time - don't want any unnecessary injury to get in my way.

I think the Wii fit is probably one of the best inventions ever (joint with Bachelors savoury rice which I think will become a staple for me haha)

Best of luck with your exercise attempts, it all counts whether it is a full session or only part of one :happy096:


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Bit of a setback :(

Set the Wii up, stepped on the fit board and it told me I was too heavy for it - how very rude lol

Max. weight for Wii fit board is 23st 8lb (same as my scales). When I weighed in at SW club Tuesday I was 24 stone (evening) but when I weighed at home since then I was under the 23st 8lb limit (only by a little, mind) - this was early morning before eating and without any clothes.

I would probably be ok doing wii fit in the mornings naked (please do not try to picture it lol) except that it really doesn't fit into my plans at all well - definitely an evening thing - so I need to wait a little longer before I can do it properly again.

Wasn't a complete letdown though, as jogging does not require use of the board, just a controller in your hand - so I did a half hour jog, then treated myself to a banana for still being alive haha

Day three of the diet coming up tomorrow, and 1st weigh in coming up on Tuesday!!
Apparently the molecular structure of the fruit changes when it is smoothied, I suppose it is to do with the fibre, extra fibre helps you go... therefore helps you rid excess...feel free to correct me if this is wrong..lol

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