Dawns food diary


Decided to write everything down from today
breakfast 2 weetabix hex a
milk hex b
snackajack rice cake 2.5 syns

lunch scrambled eggs with mushroom(free on green)
fat free yoghurt

snack small choc teacake 4 syns

Tea beans on 2 small wholemeal toast
no spread

Evening treat curly wurly 6.5 syns

Must eat more fruit and veg tomorro
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Saturday food diary

RED DAY Breakfast 2 weetabix 1 hex b
milk 1hex a

lunch 1 apple 1peach muller lite
1snackajack caramel 2.5 syns

snack coffee and caramel snackajack 2.5 syns

Tea chicken cajan chicken brst stuffed with peppers and 2 tblspoons of sour cream 3.0 syns
carrots brocoli baby sweetcorn roast tomatoes and sweet potato 1.5

total syns 9.5

evening will have a treat of 4.5 syns

Feeling great, eating much more than i normally would
cant believe i can loose weight on this plan