day 1 again, but this time sticking to it


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I think the best way to get through it is ,try to drink as much water as you can and stay busy.

Make a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight and when you are tempted to eat take a look at your list.

Think positive,people lose loads of weight doing this and it will for you too :D

Wishing you the best of luck.x


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Hi Sparkyjay. I tried to start last Monday but through stress from an underactive thyroid and relatives visiting from Australia I've been comfort eating and drinking. I am going to try and start again today and have created a distraction list as follows:
Water/pint, Brush teeth, Minimins, Check out clothes/shoes, Photography, Drawing, Sort out WII, Sort out chest, Do diary, Manicure, Pedicure, Budget. I try and keep in mind what a great diet this is and how quickly I can see results. I read other people's success stories and imagine myself is the lovely smaller sized outfits I have in storage. I have also signed up for the 3 peaks challenge in June, which involves climbing the three highest peaks in the UK within 24 hours. I can't do that with the weight I'm carrying. I hope that helps a little and keep posting as other people will definitely share advice with you.


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Hi Sparkyjay. Day 7 for me today of a restart.
I know how difficult it is because after you've done it before, you know when you're going to struggle and at what times. Use that to your benefit! For example, I know evenings when I'm on my own are a tricky problem, so I make sure I have a bottle of water with me before it gets to that point and do something that keeps me busy. Eg, doing my nails, trying something new with my hair. Planning things is a good idea too. If you're not doing something of an evening, look to see whats on telly and plan to watch it. Make it like an 'event'. See theres a programme you want to watch at 8pm. Be ready to sit down with a glass of coke zero as a 'treat' and watch it. I always find that helps!!! I also pick things with women in it that I want to look like LOL, that spurs me on!

All the best of luck lovie xxxx