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Day 1 & Cheated


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I posted earlier to say I was struggling. Well I gave in and cheated - won't mention what I eat as it is embarassing. I was hungry - eat more calories than I would have normally! Haven't drunk any water since either as was fed up with taking two babies upstairs to the loo with me. Stupid girl.:mad:

I feel head achy and extremely grumpy. Not sure if this is a side effect or just because I am dissappointed with myself because I have failed. Again. I normally managed more than one morning on a diet - this is a record.

What do I do now? Carry on and have my choc shake for tea as planned or admit I can't do a TFR? I hate hunger. Maybe SW is better for me - I just have to accept that it will take longer for me to lose the weight.:sigh:

I'm not making excuses for myself but with two young children my life is pretty hard work. I enjoy my food and sometimes I feel it is the only pleasure I get. Cutting it out totally seems impossible.

How long does it take for ketosis to kick in and the hunger to go?


Sorry to moan but I'm hoping someone here will understand....

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I will do this!!!
Hey dont worry too much. I did SW for 6 months before LT and in total i lost 3lbs (lost 4lbs one week then put on the following week!) Iv been on LT for 2 weeks now and day 2 was horrible for me but i didnt give in and im so happy i didnt. Iv lost 1st 3lb in 2 weeks. If you really want to lose weight quickly then this is the right diet, im going to be on it till feb but seeing the weight fall off is better than eating. Iv got a 1 year old and it does get hard but it gets a hell of a lot better :)


Finally a size 12!

Draw a line and start again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!! you can do it !!!! slapped wrist for cheating but carry on pleeeeease its so worth it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I will do this!!!
By day 4 wasn't feeling hungry and now day 14 im just not interested in food at all
Aww honey, I have no kids, but if I did and I was in your situation, I would just keep telling myself that I was loosing the weight to be a healthier mummy! So you can run about after them and all the things that will come later!

The first day is the hardest, I had the worst day I have had on LT as my first, it does get easier! It takes 2 to 3 days to go in to ketosis, and you will know when you get there.

Start again tomorrow, keep yourself occupied so that you are not tempted and keep telling yourself that its for you and your babies future!

Chin up, give it your all and you will win x x x
LT isnt made for everyone by the sounds of what you have posted maybe a diffrent diet is suited to you and your needs , dont feel to down its all about trial and error and the support network is here for you , the best of luck in whatever route you choose but it doesnt mean you have failed its just that LT prob aint for you , it suited one of my friends and she did brill on it but another friend just couldnt do it , she has choose SW and is doing brilliant on that , dont give up xx
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Everyone is entitled to one falling off the LT train but only one! The first week is the hardest BUT it does get better after that. I promise!

I was the biggest foodie out (and I mean biggest!) and never thought I would be able to do this diet. My GP told me about it last year then a friend started on it earlier this year. It was finding out my BP was way too high for me that made me decide I really HAD to do something about my weight if I wanted to live long enough to see my 3 children grow up, get married and have children of their own.

It hasn't been an easy journey, whichever way you choose to lose weight it is a tough journey but LT at least offers the chance to reach the end of that journey quicker! I have been on LT for 17 weeks and lost 5 1/2 stone, no other diet would let me do that!

I can't tell you whether LT is the right diet for you, only you can do that, but I would suggest that now you have bought the packs you at least give it the first week. Take it day by day. Keep yourself occupied (that can't be difficult with 2 children) and make sure you treat yourself to a relaxing bath once the children are asleep.

As for today, just have a second shake then start tomorrow anew.

Good luck.

the first few days for me were awful, i was hungry and grumpy but luckly for me i had family down the week i started LT so they kept me forcussed for the first week and soon as they had gone what did i do... i ate a pack of crisps! My bf went mad and i had a couple of stern words from a couple of guys on here lol and at a time i actually thought i cant do this but my bf gave me an incentive to carry on, for every 2 stone i lose i get a small gift. that does not mean im doing this for a gift im doing it for my health more importantly, im that big it kills me to walk up stairs bend down and even mopping the kitchen floor was a nightmare. only to weeks into the diet i have noticed a difference. Just like lilywhite said if you ever want some support come on this site, if you think you want food come on here and play in the arcade thats what i do b4 i no it its time for my evening shake. once you get the first 5 days out the way it gets easier. go on give it a week x


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hi hun as i said the first day for me was bad but try again tomorrow and try and hold off for your morning shake i have 5 children who i am comstantly running round after and i am on day 6 and i feel great sunday morning i was up early and i was blitzing my kitchen promise you hun it does get better and be worth it in the end when you have the energy to play and chase after ya buetiful children xxx
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Carry on for sure. Dig in and push through the first 4 difficult days hun. It's worth it, but only you can make it happen. Good luck. xx
Babe if you struggling why not do what i did. i Stayed pretty much carb free and went all atkins for 3/4 days before startin lipo, that meant i was already in mild ketosis when I started.

Much easier x


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Thanks to all for replies - it has definitely helped as you understand where I coming from. My OH thinks I'm mad and doesn't understand being overweight and bloody miserable. I thought I might get a few really big kicks up the arse from some of you! Good idea re cutting back on carbs before hand - I think they suggest that on CD.

Anyhow, I have had my 3rd shake for tea - choc. Again, I thought it was ok. I put loads of ice in them. The hunger is still lurking but seems more controllable at the moment...

I'm going to try to carry on. Will have my first shake of the day later - hopefully try to hold off until lunch time - I rarely have brekkie anyway so shouldnt be too hard. I was just so keen to start this am I had it at 8am!

Thanks again guys. xx

I'll see how it goes and take it from there.


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hope tomorrow is better is for you and goes ok for you i have had two shakes today now and i know i should have made my third one by now but i just dont want it at the minute i know when i want it so i promise it does get better other night i didnt have it till 11pm bit late but i forgot about it and oh said i had to have it so i did. good luck hun and be waitting to hear how you got on x
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Good luck for tomorrow and well done on deciding to see the first week through. It will be hard this week but your first WI will make it all worthwhile.

Someone once wrote on here that

"Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels"

And that is my motto now. I still have a long way to go to target but I so want to get there. I am fed up being the fat daughter, fat friend, fat mum and want to be "normal" for the first time in years!!!

We are here and will help you as much as we can.



I will do this!!!
I promise you it gets better!! :)

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