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Day 1 failure- any advice?

Yesterday was day 1 for me on LT.
I drank strawberry shake for breakfast & spent all day trying to keep it down. I had peppermint tea & water all day to try and calm my tummy then tried chocolate made with mint tea/water. It smelt lovely but I couldn't stomach it.
Basically I can't hold down the shakes, they make me feel physically ill and want to vomit.
I gave in yesterday and ate food to avoid fainting and settle my tummy.
I'm trying again today.
Any advice???
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I am sorry your first day didnt go well. Maybe trying to make the shakes with a lot more water? Maybe if they are more watered down you might be able to stomach them? What is it about the shakes that you dont like? The key to this diet is the shakes, you cant do the diet without them so you need to find a way to drink them? If you really cant stomach them then i suggest trying another TFR program that have more flavors that you can try. CD might be good for you


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How much water are you having in your shakes? The first time I had a shake I gagged big time and my thoughts were 'there's no way I can drink these' but then I took some advice off here and started making my shakes up with 400 ml of water, it makes it much thinner and a much better taste plus easier to stomache. Also you could make a mint tea or coffee using the same amount of water with the vanilla and choc sachets and that makes a nicer tasting shake, well it doesn't actually taste of a shake just a nice hot drink.
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I know what you mean...

I really love milkshakes anyway but the three flavours are quite rich, especially the vanilla one..

I also tried the mint choc and that was super mingin!!!

i just found that over time you do get used to them and as Lizzie said the shakes are the key to LT so unless you can live on soup, which i found to be really awful, you're gonna have to stick it or try a. n. other VLCD

give it a few more days and just tell yourself that these shakes aren't actually supposed to be a delicous alternative to eating, treat them more like a fat burning miracle medicine!!!!

thats how i overcame it

all the best

Jay ;)


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Try making the shakes with around 400mls of water, add a couple of sweetner tablets and they might be easier to take. Or of course you could try the flapjacks ;) but then again maybe not as they are not the most appetising of things.

As Jay above said dont think of them as meals/drinks but as fat burning medicine - each dose you take you are on your way to getting slimmer :D
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Oh yeah stay away from the flapjacks.... Frankly, i'd say stick to 240ml... as with 400ml although it is thinner u still have a lot more to stomach...They are right you will eventually get used to them, defo add 2 sweeteners and a bit of coffee. Good Luck
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i would definately say use more water for the shakes i make mine with 400-500ml they are alot nicer thinner and plus its more water to keep the hunger pangs away....try the mint choc it is lovely....make peppermint tea with 400ml let it stew to luke warm add 3 tablet sweetners then make up the choc shake with it nice when still a little warm...try for 3-4 litres of water hope your doing ok today:)
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haha i make them up with as little water as possible so i can down them in 4 gulps!!! It would be boring if we were all the same...! xx
Decided it may be some sort of tummy bug making me feel ill as partner is poorly too. I've decided to restart tomorrow rather than yesterday so if it is my tummy I've given it a chance to recover.
I'm going to buy a nicer blender & crush ice in too to see if that makes it more palatable.
I'll try it with more water and if that fails I'll try the 4 gulps whilst holding my nose method lol.
Thank you all for your support and help.
Truly appreciated.


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Hi Louise, I am starting tomorrow so I'll look out for you on here!


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hi hun, i really struggled the first 2 dyas with sickness and keeping them down, its fine now and doesnt bother me, good luck x
I've now managed to get horrendous cold lol so tomorrow is 1st day for me.
Feel terrible putting it off but I know I can't have any cold/flu drinks & lozenges on LT so I'm having to postpone yet again.
Thank you sincerely for all of your support. I'll be back on here tomorrow whinging I can't hold them down again I'm sure lol.
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Your health is number one Louise. You do what you have to do in order to get yourself well.

LT will still be there when you're better. Hope you get well soon.

See you back here when you're fighting fit to re-start.


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Aww hope you feel better soon. xxxxxx
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hi hun sorry your ill, hope u feel better soon. i started today and strait away went and got a blender from tesco its a smoothy maker called smoothy 2 go and the cup is the top of the blender it crushes ice (which is why i wanted it) and blends up to 500ml in one go and it was really easy to stomach ice. it cost £18 but is so worth it! hope u have more luck when u start again hun x

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