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Day 1! Feeling Better Than Expected....

Well, I went to my lovely new cdc yesterday and came home with my weeks worth of sachets!

Had my first chocolate shake this morning and it was ok! Been at the toilet about 100 times so far so I must be getting fitter too running up and down the stairs!

Lunchtime and I had a vanilla shake and it was a lot more enjoyable than the choc one....

What soup would anyone recommend for tea time?

I'm kind of wishing I had chosen 14 soups and 7 shakes as I don't really have a sweet tooth and I think I will enjoy the soups a bit better but hey ho there is always next week!

What is everyones opinion on all the flavours? Is there a couple that everybody likes and is there a few flavours that are in general vile?

I'm so glad that I am feeling fine (so far) and I am feeling very positive, excited and looking forward to getting to know all you miniminers!:)
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Hi Lee

And good luck!

Leek and potato is nice but I really love the chicken and mushroom soups - like you I prefer savoury. Not keen on the cheese and broccoli:sign0137:

Maz x
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You will get used to the shakes, they are a lot sweeter than I imagined. Try splitting them in half if they really are too sweet for you.

Soups are lush, my particular favourites are veg, leek and potato and chicken and mushroom. Favourite shakes are butterscotch, vanilla and toffee and walnut. But everyone's tastes are completely different! Only one I really detest is the broccolli and cheese, it has a weird aftertaste.

Good luck with finding something that suits your palate, some people just stick to one flavour for every meal, so there is no problem with doing that if you really can't stomach any of the others! Your CDC will also change the ones you hate.

Good luck with your journey, keep us posted on your progress!!

Theresa x
Thanks for your replies..

One more question...

Do I make the soup in the same way I make the shakes?; in a jug with a hand blender... And can I add anything to them?

When i make the soups I find mixing them by hand you dont end up with any lumps. With the sweet shakes they def need a blender. I dont really like the sweet shakes either. My fav soups are chick and mushroom. and the veg one :) i live on the choc and banana tetra;s mainly :)
best of luck to ya :) :) :)


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I can't stand the Forest fruits shake, it makes me feel sick just thinking of it actually. I love the chocolate ones, and the toffee one is ok too. I'm looking forward to trying the Cappucino one and the soups, but as I hate broccolli anyway, i shall give that one a miss!

I can't wait to get started next week.
Thanks again everyone...

I just had my first Cd soup! I pu a fair amount of pepper in it and it was actually delicious! I think I was just so hungry that anythin would have tasted good and it heated me up a bit!

I was feeling a bit shaky before it but I feel fine now! Really pleased about soups... Think I will go for more of them next week.

Had 7 pints of water so far... How many do you think I still need to drink?

Hi Sarah...

I had the veg soup... I don't think I've read anything good about the broccolli one! I'm going to try the oriental chilli tomorrow!

I am in a wee bit shock as I know that is my food all gone the day! :(

I'm just thinking of the dreaded swimsuit in May!!

Yes going to a villa in Spain. First time we've been abroad since the kids were born so I'm really looking forward to it!

The last time I was abroad 5yrs ago I was a size 12 and now I'm an 18/20 so I was really dreading the swimsuit thing!

But hopefully I'll lose a bit before then!

Are you going anywhere?
oooo nice, you lucky thing! you've got a few months yet so keep up the good work and you'll be fine!

I'm not going anywhere as nice as you unfortunately, I'm going to centre parcs in Longleat for a long weekend in May, so I'm also slightly dreading the swimsuit thing, like you I'm a size 18-20 at the mo. Today I've been looking at swimsuits/tankinis that I like to keep me motivated!

Blimey I need a wee again, that's like the hundreth time today! lol

Hi Sarah..

I got my new summer directory the day before yesterday so I would imagine you will get it soon!

I'd decided my bikini days were well over but hubby said the other night that it's a shame I won't be able to get a tanned tummy so I have kind of been looking at the tankinis... Might be getting carried away with myself now! :D
Hi Sarah..

Had a very grim day yesterday.. Went to asda with kids, forgot my nicotine patch, ended up raging and starving, the smell in asda really got to me.. Ended up with the worst sore head ever!

But once I got home, had my nicotine patch, got the kids to bed, I was happier and a bit more positive again.

Ended up going to bed early though as Fri night is normally my wine and treats night!! :cry:

However I feel a LOT better today!


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