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Day 1 for me


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Hi everyone

I have just restarted CD and i am well into day one. I have already managed 2.3ltrs of water and 2 mugs of coffee. I have only had one shake so far as i want to push no.2 to late afternoon if possible to stem the hunger later with a soup in the evening.

My tummy rumbles are there now with a regular growl ha ha ha its quite funny really as i cannot remember feeling hungry for quite some time so i am embracing the feeling.

I can drink black coffee without any issues as i love good coffee.

My CDC is coming tonight i am so excited this is Day 1 of the rest of my life, i played with CD before and did really well then i came off it and never could get back to it. This time i am going to get there and my motivation is very high due to this site i keep reading and love to check peoples signatures for how much they have lost etc this really spurs me on.

Will keep you updated on my progress if any one wants a buddy give me a shout.

Muchas Lovas

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is gonna do it!!
Hiya Jimmyshoo,
I started last thurs and have also tryed this diet before.
Never stuck to it properly, but am intending to this time as I have my sis wedding in aug, would like to get 2 stone off by then.
Keep to it this time, u will be so glad you did.
Im up for buddying up or maybe we could get a group together??
Anyone else up for it?


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Thats would be fab honey, ha ha i am running to the loo today constantly with all the water. I am up for buddy or club hon just let me know xx ;-)
I'm also on day 1 but this is the first time on CD for me! Definitely feeling hungry now, but I trust that by day 4-5 it will be easier. A bit scared of days 2-3 as I have heard those are bad..:confused: But I want to loose the weight and a couple of my colleagues have done this with great results, so here we go! :)


is gonna do it!!
Ok then, we'll see if anyone else is interested in joining a new club, I think you have to have 6 ppl. So will keep an eye out.
I bloody hate having to drink all the water....... Im on my 3rd pint now.....


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Will join in with you guys if you want another (big) body! I started on thursday, it's my second time on CD, lost 22lbs in 3 weeks before, had to come off it for surgery and went to hell in a handbasket! Am determined to stick to it this time!!!

P x


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gr8 that will be flabulous LOL ;)
Good luck everyone...you all sound really positive and i am sure you will love the results come 1st weigh in. Have a great week.
Day 1 coming to an end in a few hours..had my three shakes and at least 3 litres of water. Have to have it fizzy though, tastes so much better even if it's from the tap (using soda stream). In the afternoon I felt more hungry..better now. Even the dog food had a very tempting aroma..:p
Count me in!
Welcome and wishing you all the best on your CD journey. it can get hard in the first week but it passes. keep strong. CD is a great diet and never fails.


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Even the dog food had a very tempting aroma..:p
PMSL i so larfed when i read this honey. Glad you are ok. I am doin ok too on day 1 hunger pangs are rumbling away but i just keep going to the fridge for some water. I have one more pack to have later i haven't decided whether it'll be soup or shake yet.

Well done on your day so far hon x
Hi Can i join in with you guys.I am on day four and so far so good.Did this last year and lost nearly 3 stone but had to give up due to ill health.



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Hey ladies,

Can i join in too? I'm on day one of CD today but been doing Exante TS (another VLCD) for the past four weeks so already in ketosis.

Hoping to have some big losses soon :p
good luck everyone

I am on day1 of restart too! but only had a bit of time away and was planned time, need to shift this last leg now lol! good luck with your team, I am with team 9 water babes and they really have helped me keep going xxx
can i join too? im a very similar starting weight to you folks, and i start tomorrow. could do with the moral support and comparisons on how things are going.



BellaRed have replied to your other thread - please be careful doing your own version of this as you could make yourself rather unwell.