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Day 1 - Introduce myself

Hello, I'm Molly and I started the Lighter Life programme this morning (first meeting was last night) I was weighed in at a staggering 23 stone 4 lbs!! which the councellsor laughed was yesterdays date.. yeah.. funny!! No, she was really nice although the other woman in the group were brilliant and I preffered the time she left us alone to chat but maybe we just need to get used to her.

So, Its nearly 2pm and I've already had my 4 litres.. ha ha - I've always drunk alot of water so not a problem for me... and I'll probably end up drinking about 6litres by the end of the day - I do slow down at nighttime!! don't want to be up all night.

So, I wasn't hungry at all this morning, drank lots of water and was fine. Then by 1pm my tummy was rumbling so I went for a walk out of the office which made me feel less starving!!! and just a bit hungry (what I was aiming for) so I made up the chicken soup and it wasn't too bad.. I would prefer it less milky and frothy BUT with a stack of black pepper in it - it was quite tasty. The only thing was that once I;d had it I actually felt more hungry... just fancied some of what my colleagues are eating (krispy kreme doughnuts, sandwiches, salads etc) So I thought about it and got myself some MORE water.. this time adding the St Clements flavouring and the hunger has gone. I feel fine.

So, anyway., I jusdt thought I;d introduce myself as will probably be on here alot for support and also to offer support to others.

Thanks for listening.
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Hi molly

Nice to meet you - you will find this forum is a wonderful source of information and support so well done for finding us. I am at the end of week one and off to my first weigh in tonight (excited and terrified at the same time). Like you I found that drinking water all the time but espeically when I am feeling hungry/deprived has helped me so much.
Also, i find that a black coffee (with loads of sweeteners in or I can't stand it) whenever I am craving something helps me so much so if you have a bad day where you struggle - try this - it really helped me.
Anyways, just wanted to say Hi and good luck. oh and if at all possible - go to your Pop-in or ring up and arrange one around day 3 or 4 this week - the number of the scales will motivate you so much when you see how much you have lost.
Have a great day
Thanks Laura
Appreciate the reply.
and yeah, I had a green tea this morning as well actually and that curbed the hunger a bit.

We got a free sample of the savoury drink last night so I might have that now and then a sweet shake later this afternoon before hometime (5.30pm)

Tonight I'm having the sweet chilli soup and maybe a choc shake later this evening.

Its all a bit scary and weird but I'm just so excited about losing this weight that its keeping me motivated. It was weird going out at lunchtime and seeing all the other city workers buying their sandwiches and queing up for food and I didn't have to.... I just had a nice walk by the Thames and felt good about what I am doing..positive thinkin!! ha ha

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Hi Molly,
Welcome to the forum, I'm just starting week 8, I didn't think I'd get this far!
I absolutely love this diet, it is the best thing in the world, if you stick to it, you will lose all the weight and quickly.
It definately gets easier the longer you do it.
You may find the first few days difficult, so make sure you come on here for support, because whatever you are feeling, someone will have been through it.
Good luck for your first week.
Hi Molly and Welcome to the forum :wavey:

This forum is so great for support and inspiration. Be sure to check out the before and after photos if you haven't done so already.

Good Luck with your first week and let us know how you get on with your weigh in.


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Hiya Molly,
Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your lighterlife journey :)

Have some painkillers at the ready just in case you get a headache, it'll be from carb withdrawl, once you're over the first few days they will subside, ( thats if you get any in the first place lol)

You may have weighed the date yesterday, but you def won't today :D

Keep shaking girlie
:wave_cry: Hi, I'm new too!!! Just going to my first session tonight, been looking on the internet about this diet for quite a while now and then came across this site..... think i'll need lots of support and motivational words!! Everyone that I have looked at on the before and after pictures looks amazing and they've all inspired me. Can't wait to get started:D
:D thankyou! I'm looking forward to it and not looking forward to it at the same time! I've eaten lots of food today just because i know i won't be able to again which is probably something i'll have to talk about at some point! good site this!
Hi Molly and welcome

Good on you for starting, this really is the best diet I've ever tried - it takes away all the worries about limiting yourself with food..... I just wish I'd found it years ago. Keep on posting to let people know how you're feeling and how you're getting on ... and just shout whenever you need support.

Harri - Good luck for tonight, are you starting tomorrow? As I've said to Molly - it's the best diet I've found and hopefully you'll find it great too.

Welcome all!! The first week is tough but hang in there, come on here for support, moan, cry whatever and people will support you. I took a few days off in my first week and very much had to slow down a bit as your body takes a while to adjust to having 500 cals a day so be gentle on yourselves, dont overdo it, listen to your body & take it a day at a time! Also let us know how you get on. We've all been through it so know its hard...have a look at the top of the threads for info about side effects etc that will help you and ask away! Big hugs & well done for starting the first day of the rest of your lives!
Welcome to this site Mollyzx! You'll find some really great advice here and any tips to keep you going. Well done on drinking all that water. The more you drink the more you will lose.
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Mollyzx & Harri - Welocme to your lighterlife journey.
My best advice is to keep your mind occupied and think of all the things you can do when your slimmer.
It might be tough for the next few days, but soldier on and it'll be worth it in the end. By Saturday you'll have forgotten how rough it was.
Think of all the reasons why you want to lose weight, and pin it up on your fridge, along with your starting LL photos.
And lastly, come on here whenver you're feeling hungry and the feelings will pass.
Love Yvonne xx
Oh thank you everybody!!
I had a great day yesterday.. maybe all the words of support here and also I was just so excited about starting the diet.
I've had the chicken soup (quite nice with black pepper), vanilla (too lumpy but that was because I mixed it cold at work with a fork...but I can see the potential in it), tried the chocolate in the freezer trick and nearly gagged!!! really horrible.... but then blended it again into a drink and it was yummy and had the thai chilli last night (quite nice - again with black pepper)

This morning I've blended my raspberry drink at home and put it in the fridge at work for this afternoon. Got mushroom for lunch but not really looking forward to that... but gotta try them all aye?

I'm really hungry this morning though and constantly need a wee so not really wanting water... but I will keep on drinking!! I ended up having 7 litres yesterday!! ha ha and on to my 2nd litre this morning just to quell my hunger!

Onwards and er.. downwards!!! Hope everything went well last night Harri and thanks for your comment on my blog.

Hope EVERYONE has a great day!!!


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Hia Molly,

Welcome to Minis. I loved reading your first day experiences. It did take me back to when I began LL. It was the best thing I ever did.

Good luck for your first week!

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