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  1. pos bird

    pos bird Full Member

    Hi all. Just want to check with experience that today's food is ok. I think I may have over done rhe skimmed milk. Is there a limit.

    Breakfast - ham omlette. (1 egg, 3 whites)

    Snack - 2x skinless chicken drum stick

    Lunch - seasoned chicken breast (was busy clearing out garage)

    Tea - smoked salmon omlett ( 1egg, 3 whites)

    Snack - fat free greek yogurt with 1 tbsp oat bran

    Drinks - 3 cans pepsi max, 2 tea with milk, Starbucks skinny latte with sugar free syrup small, 2 litres water, large green tea

    Many thanks
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  3. Supertonic

    Supertonic Full Member

    And lots of water?! Looks ok, hope goes ok
  4. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Food looks good ... but on attack its 1.5 tbsp oat bran (was that a typo?).

    Skimmed milk - in the beginning dairy did not affect my loss at all. Now I have cut it out completely (as have stalled for 2 weeks) to see if my daily cappuccinos were the culprit!

    The good doc says no more than a kg of dairy daily. If you feel its stalling your loss you may need to revisit - otherwise enjoy :D
  5. pos bird

    pos bird Full Member

    Thank you. Will up my oat bran. Had a none stop day yesterday and when settled on the night really fancied a diet pepsi and vodka. I will not weaken but it was not easy saying no . lol
  6. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Syrup is a no no!!! Sugar free or not !! Sorry :-(
  7. pos bird

    pos bird Full Member

    Oh no. That was my one treat. Would have one of those rather then chocolate or crisps. Thank you anyway.

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  8. Its Tessa

    Its Tessa Full Member

    Why is sugar free syrup a no no?
  9. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Because it's not on the list of allowed foods.

    P x

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