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Day 1 - Newbie - Help!!!

Hi All

Have decided tojoin the forum after lots of lurking - am officially starting Atkins tomorrow - did it a few years ago but didn't managed to stick with it - want to lose 2 1/2 stone minimum - if not 3 stone really if I'm honest.

Just reading all th stickies etc - there is so much info and friendly faces on here!! Will need all the help and support I can get.

Any tips - help advice, gratefully received.

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I can't think of any tips except feel free to ask questions! This forum was really helpful when I started off.

Stick to a signature, that's what I did! Had a look at tickers but didn't have a clue haha.
K - so you sai I can ask questions right - starting Phase 1 tomorrow - can I drink coffee - if so does it need to be black with sweetener and does it need to be decaff!!! What other drinks - other than water - which I don't struggle with can I have?
I don't drink coffee so i can't really help with that one. I do drink lots of lemon cordial tho (checked for low carbs of course) - most other fruit juices are out.

I think a lot is trial and error. See what stalls you, see what doesn't. I didn't want to 'risk it' so stayed away from everything except lemon cordial. Though some people find that citrus fruits can slow their progress.


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Coffee is fine. The original Atkins book recommends decaf, as caffeine can cause carb cravings in some folks, but loads of people just have regular coffee with no problems.

Milk is high carb so to be avoided, you can have a spot of cream, or soya (esp light soya) milk as it has hardly any carbs - acquired taste though!
Thanks for the tips so far. Am off to Tescos tomorrowfor my first Atkins shop - apart from the obvious - meat,fish, eggs and veg, what are the essential Atkins type foods that I can't livewithout in my first couple of weeks. Any tips/ideas greatly appreciated
pork scratchings yes, but do read the packet, they are not all the same!

the milk thing, i have been acquiring the taste soya, still working on it, getting used to it. however, initially i bought alpro, then found tesco's cheappie version, but am having problems with its separating in cofee, just done a little research on some vegan forums, and it's a common problem, so for the extra few pennies and many less carbs i'm going back to alpro, shops tomorrow!


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Hi Simeon and welcome

I've cut back to one tea (and sometimes one coffee) a day, with water and sparkling mineral water the rest of the day, and an occasional beef stock disguised as broth :)

Re soya milk, check the carb content - I use alpro full soya and its lower in carbs than the light one. The Tesco organic one is good too. There is the problem with it separating in coffee - I pour the hot water, then leave it for a minute or two before adding the milk and it stirs in better.

Italian and french dressing are pretty low in carbs too. The labels will reveal all tho.
Thanks all for the tips - have managed to be fairly good I think all weekend although am not eating much as am unsure what to have - so end up having nothing -lol
Day 1
B - scrambled eggs and bacon
L - spicy chicken wings
D- turkey stir fry with soya sauce, broccolli,peppers and onion.

Day 2
B - scrambled eggs, bacon and 1 sausage
L- tray of prawns
D -chicken, broccoli and cauli mash
S - Raw carrots

Have drank lots of water - also a few coffees and am having the delicios alpro in that:cry: Don't feel hungry, just a bit bloated and sluggish really and terrible indigestion.

Just wondering if I am on track.
Hi Simeon
Well done on your first days.:)
Not sure if carrots are ok on induction and watch onions they are high carb. With your lunch try and have some salad.
Have a look at the menu posts it might give you some ideas.


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Yes I can hear Jim saying "More leafy greens!"


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