Day 1 on CD


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So.... last night I visited my local CD Counsellor and she was so nice. I saw her before and after pictures which were just amazing and we went through the diet etc, she took my measurements and weight and I chose my food packs. I was really excited by the time I left her house and couldn't wait to start this morning.

As I have previously posted, At my heaviest, I was 14 stones, in 2003 I managed to lose 4 stone 4lbs with Weight Watchers in a year but still felt like I was a big person. I put some of the weight back on by 2007 and went back up to 12 stone 7lbs.

Jan 2007 I went back to weight watchers but the support was terrible (they just take your money and thats it really) and I just couldnt get back into it..

June 2008 I tried Lipotrim and went down to 10 stone 7 but put on weight again after 2 holidays and business trips..

I am now on the first day of Cambridge and already feeling differently. I feel like my counsellor cares as she has been through it before and there are people looking out for me. She is aware that I will need help with maintenance which is where I have lost support before and everything went wrong..

My motivation is I am getting married in June and my wedding dress should be coming back for a fitting at the end of Jan:eek: need to stay focused!!

I have had a butterscotch shake this morning which was ok actually (better than the LT ones) and have a banana one for lunch, I will be trying the veg soup for dinner tonight - all sounds really yummie :)

If anyone has any recommendations in terms of flavours for the soups / shakes, please let me know...
I will be trying the cheese and Broccoli soup this week but was warned that it isnt very nice!!!!!:8855:

Anyway, that is enough about me..hopefully I will have some good losses to share with you all

Keep up the good work xxx
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I am glad things are going well for you! and good luck for your fitting in January!

Have a look in the Cambridge 100% forum I did a poll of favourite shakes! At the moment Chocolate Mint is in the lead followed by strawberry.

I have found that it is down to personal taste! so each week I buy 1 or 2 packs of flavours I have not tried...nothing as been competely yuck yet!


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welcome on board, with regards to flavours everyone is different i liked them all to start off with but now just stick to chocolate and peanut bars, very boring but i enjoy them fingers crossed for the fitting x


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i only like the strawberry banana, fruits of the forest the other i tolerate, i dont like any of them hot and i hate the toffee/walnut and butterscotch!


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See now I'll eat and enjoy almost anything and I've not found one soup or shake that I don't like. Bought the toffee & walnut today so am going to try that --- got to admit that I love my hot choc mint at night mmmmm

My advice would be to give them all a try ---- good luck with it, stick with it and you'll be wearing that dress and looking gorgeous :)


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ah you will love it - when is the big day?