Day 1 with a clear head


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Woke up today feeling much better about the decisions ive made. Decided to scrap the last month and have a fresh start. Get my mind in gear and go for it. Now that ive nothing in my way i have nothin to stop me! Bought myself nice shiny new scales today....have programmed myself into them and they will track my weightloss, bmi etc! theyre weighing me heavier but i knew that could happen so im not majorly fussy!

Anyway, day 1 with a clear head, and so glad im on the right track again. Will keep a thurs as my weigh day x
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hi there i will be doing exante Friday... just using up my CD stuff now on day 2 .
what things do you like in exante


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Good luck with it Mandy. I'm feeling pretty similar myself today now I've decided to do WS.


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Thanks Joanne, its amazing how reassessing things makes a huge difference eh? I feel so much better today to be starting afresh. Ok so i lost 10lbs last month but knowing if i hadnt had nights out etc i would have done so much better was really putting me off. Was also in the mindset of "oh i cheated and didnt gain so maybe i could have a small cheat and be ok"....i want to erase the last month and start with a clear head cos i know i can do this! xx