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Day 1!!!

I have been having dreams about my hamper arriving since I ordered it on Thursday evening. Sad I know. Anyway it arrived on Tuesday and I started today. I am actually on nights this week so thought it would be a good time to start.
Well had my grenola for breakfast when I got back from work at 8am this morning. WOW really not much in there is there!!! Anyway I was off to bed so didnt really bother me.
Woke up about 6 and had the macaroni cheese with some peas and carrots. YUM.
At work now and have got a carrot with me and ministrone soup and 2 crispbreads. Planning on having a banana later. I am using fitness pal and I have 121 cals left to have. Not hungry though yet so will have my soup about 2.
Very positive about this diet as I need to do something for me!!!!!
I have got 3 stone and 10lb to lose. Seems loads but will do it in 7lb stages.
So everyone else good luck and will keep you posted!!!!!:)
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Good luck. Working shifts must play havoc with your diet.....

Is it only me, or does the macaroni look really weird? bright yellow!!! tastes good though.

Try having the granola with natural yoghurt, it looks bigger.

I had 4.5 stone to lose and have succesfully lost 2 stone in 3 months. So if you stick to the meals, the weight will fall off.

Have you set yourself a goal? I started my diet, just after the Royal Wedding, my goal was to fit into a nice dress for a friends party in August. I would like to be at my ideal weight by November.

I worm shifts and find it really hard to eat on my night shifts, I always end up having porridge before I start work, take a yogurt with me and try and force down some soup!

Hope it's going ok so far!

It's good to get started when you have decided to do something!

So far I like most of the meals, not keen on the lentil soup, but only because of the butter beans!

Be strong over the weekend!

So far so good. Was a bit sneaky and went on the scales when I got yesterday and have lost 4lb! Not bad since wednesday. I know its only water but hey something is moving. Nights arent so bad really. Have my dinner about 7pm and then take my breakfast and lunch to work. Shattered now though only 2 hours and i can go home!!!!!
Day 4 and my tummy is rumbling soooo much. Is this normal?? I started to feel hungry as well which I havent dont at all yet but think it is something to do with water, I have only had 3 glasses so far and got another 3 hours on shift. Got to try and have my ham and chowder soup too!!
I got really hungry on my 1st week, I ended up in bed so early every night just to stop myself from picking!
It will get better, I buy fruit I can pick at like grapes, strawberries etc.

I've just decided to change my target weight to round it up to a loss of 3 stones Ekkkkkk I will get there hopefully!!!
Hi Kimmie,

Yes I was hungry for about 10 days :eek:

Try adding some extra hot drinks, low fat hot chocolate is comforting (and only 40 calories).

Or add some more fruit, or 150 extra calories - ham, cottage cheese, yoghurt, eggs are all high in protein, so they are filling. While this may take you over 1200 calories, its better to feel a little fuller, rather than get desperate and reach for something unhealthy from a vending machine at work.

Congratulations on the 4lb loss, some is water, but some is also a real weight loss..... :p Just imagine what you will have lost after a week!

Fantastic result, well done.
Thinking of swapping to diet chef from exante, are the meals good?
Twelve pounds?????

Almost a stone, in a week????

I cannot believe it. That is really inspirational. I am really chuffed for you.

Keep up the good work. I cannot wait to see what you lose on week 2 - 7lb?
I know I wad really shocked! I expect a gain or stay the same next Wednesday!
The meals are lovely need to bulk it with veg. I do miss bread though but have found my belly isn't as bloated as normal too.

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