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Day 1!!

Hi Lux. Welcome along, this is the best diet for quick weight loss, but, it's not easy.

My advice would be to drink plenty of water at least 2-3L a day. The more you drink the more you shrink. Have a look on here too for more drinks you can have and still keep you in ketosis.

Good luck with Exante, days 1-4 are hardest so stick at it and it does get easier.
Keep warm and don't exercise too hard. 30mins of gentle exercise a day is recommended.

Keep posting and start a diary, keeps me on track anyway. Great support and encouragement on here. xxx
Welcome to the team, your going to enjoy it, not saying you will not have off days we all have. But i agree with all nurse tubs has said. First few days are hard but you will find the hunger will lesson with each day and you have to drink water or after reading blogs on here anything with no citric acid in it, list on nursetubs message to you. Again welcome to the team
I have just found your thread 'First day nerves' in the diary section. You can use this as your diary. If you want to change the title go to the main Exante page, click on Exante diaries and in the white bit next to your thread 'First day nerves' double left click and you can change the title in the box. Just click outside the box to close it again.

Hope this helps xx
Hey Lux, I am on day 4 and feeling a bit rubbish. But it hasn't been too bad to be honest. I can tell I have lost weight already. Are you also doing TS? Good luck for the next few days xx
Yeah I was planning on doing TS, however i might switch to WS occassionally if I find it too difficult. I thought if i take it a week at a time and switch if im struggling. Or is this a bad idea? What is this Ketosis everyone is talking about on other exante threads?! I haven't had time to read the leaflet that came in my pack yet!
Hi there. I'm on day one too. I have quite a lot of weight to lose (10 stone) but am pleased to be taking action. I started a blog on here the other day but think that a diary might be better, I found this site quite confusing and didnt really know what I was doing when I was signing up. Still confused to be honest but it is lovely to know that there is a lovely bunch out there who are in the same boat and happy to help each other on the road to weight loss. Good luck in reaching your goals everyone! x
Hi SN. I'm on day 7 now, and just to let you know, it's really ok! I found day 3 and day 6 hard, but I'm ok again today.

Lots of luck on your journey. This site is amazing for support, guidance and advice, I wouldn't have got through my first week without it.
Thanks Lux - we will get there together! Day one has gone ok. Didnt like the bar but enjoyed the veg soup and vanilla shake. Took a tip from here and poured some of the shake into a coffee - v enjoyable actually. Also treated myself to a handblender from Argos on my way home from work and liked the non-lumpy shake when I got in x
Hi, im on day 3 and today Ive been more hungry than the other two days but that could also be because I havent been at work so havent been kept busy. Remained 100% though so very happy, hoping tomorrow will be easy again and im back at work.

Good luck xx

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