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Day 1

My parcel arrived this morning so i thought i may as well start my diet today instead of the planned 'tomorrow'! No time like the present!!
Had treacle and pecan granola at about 10am and the tomato and pesto soup and a banana snack bar at about 2pm, so far so good, meals are filling me up nicely, just have to see what dinner is like!! Also need to remember i cant snack in the evening!!:D
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had my tomato & pesto soup 4 lunch also.. what did you think? I thought it had a funny after taste, but made thats just me!

am feeling kinda hungry at the mo - have just cleared up the kitchen to try keep my mind off it lol bad move as i found ritz crackers & a pot noodle! - left them in the cupboard safe and sound tho!

will be tackling the spare room in a mo! piled high with toot! may even jump in the bike while im in there - burn a few calories!
the only thing i didnt like about the tomato soup was the bits of tomato skin, had to pick them out and leave them on the side of the bowl!! i dont really feel hungry as i had a banana bar as well. although i dont normally eat brekkie or lunch so maybe this is why i am not hungry! i used to eat lots of junk at night!!, wont be doing that tonight, i have volunteered at my daughters youth club so i will be out till 8, that should stop some of the nibbling!!
same here! - I have NEVER eaten breakfast, as it has always made me feel sick... but I waited about hour n half before having it and i ate it slowly. Me & my boyfriend are bad for the midnight naughties lol! was sittin in bed last night with a handful of grapes which was nice!

Bad thing for me is i proberly work in the worst place..... Burger King so it will be a MASSIVE strain on my will power but I AM going to do it!!
oooooooo, i dont have that problem, i live on the isle of wight and there is no burger king!!! i used to be gutted but now i am quite pleased!!


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oooooooo, i dont have that problem, i live on the isle of wight and there is no burger king!!! i used to be gutted but now i am quite pleased!!
oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh i lurve Burger King much better than McDonalds yuk!!!! i love the Whopper, I'm drooling now back to being good.
i'm not really a fan of burgers, i tend to prefer chicken!
yeah, i was gutted when i moved here a couple of yrs ago!! got used to it now though!!
had my beef casserole for dinner - yummy!! only just managed to eat it all though?! i had some of those cheese oaty things and an apple when i was volunteering at youth club tonight, got home and hubby has just had cheese toasties, they smell so nice and have made me hungry, WILL NOT have one though, would be bad if i didnt even manage 1 day on my diet!! I have had 2 cups of tea with ss milk today and some weak squash (as i dont like water) think i should have had more water than that though? i will have to suffer being hungry tonight and wait for brekkie tomorrow!!
got through day 1 without caving and am now halfway through day 2, doing ok so far although night times are gonna be bad, can i save my snacks from the day to eat in the evening? this is when i seem to be hungry as it is the only time i usually eat?


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I've said on your other thread - I'm sure you can. x
Thank you, will be eating more fruit tonight!