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Day 10ers


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day 10 and still going strong and 100% i have had a few ups and downs life wise and didn't once think about giving up on CD so thats good for me as i am an emotional eater.

struggling with water but getting it down xx

hope the rest of you are doing ok
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Hi Kerry,
Where are all the other day 10ers? I'm tired today as i've been staying up too late chatting on here so must get to bed a bit earlier tonight.
I've just had a cup of coffee (with milk). I dont drink very much hot drinks normally and havent had a cuppa for 8 days but just fancied one just now and it was very nice. Did pee stick yesterday and it was way up the chart so i'm quite sure a dribble of milk wont effect anything.
I'm still doing fine and not planning anything social over fri or sat nights so should manage to stick to plan.
good luck to all.
Been at work again today, so not been on here yet. Still 100% and proud. :D TOTM is upon me I think, so I am avoiding scales. Hopefully by next Tues I will have lost some of my water retention and be ok.
Hope you all had a good day.


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hello mollydog and tinka well done for keeping 100% i feel like i am in the zone making dinner and stuff like that isn't bothering me anymore hope it stays this way.

we are doing so well girlies it was a whole week ago when we were on the yucky day 3 and now we are on day 10.
Hi all!
I am only a Day 5er I'm afraid, so guess I shouldn't sneak a message on here!!
Just want to ask something, as had no problem at all for first 3 days, but today I am feeling "hungry" but not feeling hungry...if you know what I mean! I am drinking about 4 litres of water and sticking to my shakes, but am worried that this is going to get harder, rather than easier?
I bought some Ketostix today and appear to be in Ketosis so don't know what is different today?!
The brilliant news is though that I had my first weigh in last night, and after only 3.75 days on SS I have lost 7.75 lbs!
Any support or suggestions would be greatly appreciated from those of you 5 days ahead!!
Tracey xx
day 11 here ( thought youd let me off lol
all going ok here to im so happy
this is my third time on cd so im apro lol but last time i couldent do it i think its in the mind when yr really ready and such well done every one xx


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everyone is welcome here ladies


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minx34 the hunger does get better now i can cook kids dinner no probs before i used to be grumpy and hungry.

nightnight well done keep it up
I'm here and still going strong - couldn't make it on the boards yesterday though ..... not long till next weigh in!!!!


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well done katie it seems to me the days are wizzing past i hope this keeps up.
is it to early for my clothes to start feeling better ???
Hi all on this wet miserable day!
Kerryberry, I was just saying to my mum it will be a good couple of stone with me before I notice, or anyone else notices, any real difference. I think I will then be wearing the same clothes comfortably rather than squeezing myself in and straining the buttons!!
Day 6 for me and I now do not have a weigh in for 5 weeks as my CDC is away and then I am away! I have weighed myself again and am now up to 9.75 lbs loss as of today!!
A long way ahead, but in the scheme of things, such a small amount of our lifes really!
My other half is away this weekend so, when the worst part comes this evening, I have saved a pile of ironing and am going to start sorting through my wardrobe to keep me occupied!!
Hope you are all ok and keeping strong as you are a step ahead of me and my inspiration!


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hi minx34
its going to be a few stone before people notice on me too but we will get through it. i have been putting a bit less water in my shake and replacing it with 4 ice cubes it thickens it up a bit and makes a change.
well done you doing really well on your loss

my hubby away over night he is out with the boys and my kids want take away but it doesn't bother me i don't want any i want to be thin!

well if your following me i better stay 100% lol
lol no pressure kerryberry!

I have ditched the soup....tried a few and ....yuck! Am sticking with shakes which I like (will try the ice thing!) and are surprisingly filling and am looking forward to the excitement of having A BAR in a week!!

Nothing great to watch on TV tonight either...which is probably a good thing as if I am alone sat on the sofa I may be tempted ...out of habit! So...back to the ironing it is! Woohoo!

Enjoy your night!


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i got the soups for my first week thought 2 sweet shakes then a savoury soup for dinner but they were yucky so i am with you on that one well enjoy the ironing i am trying to find something to watch but as you say there is nothing on