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Day 11

Hello, hows everyone feeling today?
I'm on my day 11.. and so far so good. feeling quite positive..:D

Had a cheeky check on the scales this morning too.. now 12st. :eek: thats another 2lb, not going to hold as gospel though, cos I think my and my CDCs are different...

I am freeeeezing today though, and I so didn't want to get out my nice warm bed.
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Hello and congratulations, sounds like you are doing really well on the diet. Feels good doesn't it? I am on day 50 today - I dont believe it! the weeks are flying by!

I know how you feel about not wanting to get out of bed - I wish the sun would come out - just for a little while!!
Thanks very much x
Wow gonna-make-it, Day 50 wow thanks an amazing achievement! Bet your well proud!.. :D, How has your journey been so far?
Your losses are amazing too by the way.

Yes definatly worth it, I had my first "have you lost weight?" this morning.. so i'm grinning from ear to ear.. it's so fast this diet and makes me feel full of energy.. 1 stone in 19 days is amazing too..

Also, I've been T total for 26 days too, which may not sound like many but last few years I over did the student life a bit.. ;)

The sun has slightly come out here, but there is still frost on the road.. boo.. excuse for new boots I think though.. :)

Hi Nell - my journey has been a tough one but also enjoyable as I feel so different now... ha ha I think it is the lack of alcohol that does it although not drinking and eating everything was such a tough day for me at Christmas!
You are doing well too :) I love this diet!!


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Hi all, I am on Day 16 ( sound like I am in the BB house - I even say it like Marcus Bentley, I sooooo need to get out more!!!!)
Day 16 and hand on heart can say I have not cheated once and this time round I am very focused. I am not telling anyone at work / friends just so the pressure is off me. I realise that I don't respond well to beating myself up all the time, well I do by shoving more food in my mouth to compensate for the pain. I respond better to small goals and inner soothing. High fiving oneself is what I call it. So yes this time so far so good. And of course getting on this site is a life saver.:D


Taking one day at a time.
Well done everyone with their terrific losses! The first week weight loss is bonkers isn't it? I've just shifted 11lb in my first week. Feeling good - although, I have a giant cold sore and one of the glands in my neck is up... My GP mate expressed concern in the most tactful way possible, which has made me have a bit of a sense check. This diet is extreme... Freaked me out a bit. It is working though, and I have faith that it is tried and trusted.
Again - well done all on your strength and great results.
oh Lotty moo ( cool name) I am feeling your pain. I suffer from coldsores when I am run down and they are always a sign that I have a cold coming so I hope we can keep your spirits up and help you feel better.
What a fab weightloss, you go girl.:patback:


Taking one day at a time.
Thank you very much! I have to say that SS this week has been ok - never managed it before, but it's been possible because of all the good posts on Minimins. (not the whoops, I just ate an elephant posts!). I find it really motivating, plus it occupies the time when I'd be raiding the fridge (7-9pm).
Together we can crack it!
I am finding it alot easier than I did before xmas, I think i don't have any pressure from others for the party season, birthdays etc so I am able to quietly get on with it. See you on line tonight between 7-9 :D


Taking one day at a time.
Yes, Busybee, the timing really makes a difference doesn't it? Plus, in the past, I have looked for reasons that I will fail - "oh, can't follow it totally as have a party/dinner on Saturday...." or "..oh just the one poppadom"...and so it went on!
See you later xx


Taking one day at a time.
thanks Nell!! sitting here with my porridge on my knee...and so it goes on....! cxx