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Day 12 and back on it!

Decided to do a diary type thread as I think it'll help keep me on the straight and narrow.Feeling much more positive today.In ketosis so that helps :) Swimming last night helped too.I plan to walk into town today as I need to post a cheque and go to the bank.For some reason things just seem to have clicked for me now.I've only lost 10 pounds so far but it's still 3 days to my official weigh in so maybe I can make it a few more :) Isn't it funny,on any other diet I would be ecstatic with 10 pounds weight loss and here I want more!!My first goal is to get back to 16-6 as that's been my lowest weight so far.My first mini goal is to get under 18 st7 and I plan to treat myself to a new t shirt then.I have a whole list of things I want to buy at various weights as treats :D Am really hoping the weight comes off as fast this time round as it did at the beginning of LL last time-my average was 5 lbs a week back then so would love it to be like that now.My gym membership has been on hold due to ill health for 6 months but it starts back up again in March I think so I am looking forward to going again.I love the sauna and steam room there.I think I am planning to give up work as I'm only £60 a month better off for 70 hours work, because of the Housing and Council tax benefit I lose,and losing free school meals etc.Works out expensive when you have 4 kids at school/playschool.The lady in the Coucil office said I'd be better off going back on Income Support and getting a Saturday job as I'd get to keep the first £20 each week which would make me £80 a month better off.Crazy isn't it?I don't really want to go back on Income Support but it makes more sense really.Anyway...back to the diet...I am still feeling some hunger but am just drinking water as I know it will pass soon.Loving how positive I am feeling-hope it lasts :)
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Well didn't walk into town as bf decided he needed to go to the bank too so we drove but we did spend 2 hours walking round town so that's good enough I reckon.I told him that when I get to target weight we are going to spend all day in town buying new clothes for me! :D I bought some red bead bracelets in Claire's Accessories-I decided on red as it's a nice bright colour and makes me feel cheery.They also will help with keeping me focussed on the diet as they are a little tight at the moment, so will be aiming to get them nice and loose :)
Hi there - glad you're feeling more positive today P.R. !

Sounds like that lovely blanket of Ketosis is doing it's work.....

keep trucking hun :)


Well today is going great so far.Had a nice surprise this morning when I weighed myself as I'd lost more than I thought-I weigh in kg and then convert it online to stones and it was 3 lbs less than I thought :) My hands are freezing(which of course I like as a sign of ketosis) and I am feeling really positive right now.My red bracelets are helping keep me focussed,as is looking at weight loss pics, not just on here but generally online.I am looking forward to my weigh in on Monday.I plan to do some clothes planning tonight-from catalogues and online :)
Hey Polishrose,

you shoud get your bf to promise to buy you a really nice item of clothing when you reach a major goal. For me i have been promised the first summer dress I will have EVER worn feeling good in it... isnt that something to be happy about!? :) so I need to get down to goal weight by end of summer otherwise it will be too late. I only have 4ish stone to lose tho so its quite do-able, you should do something similar! Its quite amazing how generous these men are when they know they're going to have a fittie on their arm instead of a big lump in a few months time!

hehe he's promised to take me shopping the day I hit target weight and buy me lots of clothes :D He's paying for my diet as I can't afford it.I have a "treat" list of clothes I will buy every 10 pounds or so, but I plan to get cheap things as I know I won't be wearing them very long.
I'm just watching America's Next Top Model on Living.I hope I can look like them one day.All so slim and pretty.
I know exactly what you meen about not spending alot on clothes while you are losing weight.. I have not got anything new yet but most of my clothes are falling off me. I was walking across a pelican crossing the other day and my underskirt just slipped down.. I was soooo embarressed I just stepped out of it and left it in the road.... God knows what the people in the cars must have thought... waiting for a headline in the local reporter this week 'strange woman strips on pelican'..:D

I sometimes just feel down for no reason as well.. it sort of comes over my like a wave since i have been doing this..I do think though I feel like I have lost my best friend and just feel rubbish.. I usually find diverison tactics are the best.. that's why I am soooo glad I have found this site... or I go and walk my dog.(hes called podgey. hense my name) or I put my fave music on my ipod really loud or have a hot bubble bath or paint my nails.. the list is endless..

Kindest regards
oh dear I shouldn't but I did laugh at the image of you walking across the road and your clothes falling off you :D

I wish I had a dog-unfortunately I can't afford to pay over £250 for a puppy(and that's the sort of prices they are here) and I won't get a rescue dog because I have 4 children and I wouldn't feel safe not knowing the background.I did have the chance to get a border collie cross for £100 recently but I've had a border collie before and he was MANIC and I know there's no way I could cope with one like that.
I would go and have a bath but am waiting for my kids to get home(their Dad has them at weekends),and then I have to cook for bf(he works 8am till 8pm on Saturdays) so will have to wait till later to relax.
Mine is a rescue dog.. He was only 6 weeks old when we got him so I wasn't really worried about bad habbits and things with the kids.. He is a collie cross as well..(this is freaky).. we called him podgey because he was like a round ball of fluff when we got him but when he grew up it lookes like he is collie crossed with whippet and he is stick thin.. don't I look a fool on the fiels shouting "PODGEY" then this stick insect of a dog comes running..:D I have just cooked for my 2 boys they have just come back from their dads as well.. My OH is home from work about 9 but we are off to the pub for the evening.....

Don't worry about laughing I thought I was hillarious just not at the time if you know what I mean...
Have a fab evening.......
you are doing really well!

could you look at getting a rescue puppy, perhaps?

I was walking across a pelican crossing the other day and my underskirt just slipped down.. I was soooo embarressed I just stepped out of it and left it in the road.... God knows what the people in the cars must have thought... waiting for a headline in the local reporter this week 'strange woman strips on pelican'..:D

Oh Podgey, that story was sooooo funny :p

Polish rose, well done to you - day 6 is fantastic, now you've got through the worst keep going- great weightloss too - brilliant stuff :p

Keep shaking girlie :D
Well I thought about a rescue puppy but their criteria are so strict-here they won't rehome to a family that has children under 6 :( And my youngest is 4.

Today's been OK so far-was a bit disappointed this morning that the scales hadn't moved much since last night but hopefully tomorrow at weigh in it'll be OK.
Looked at some clothes in town today and was tempted to buy some sale stuff rom Evans a few sizes smaller but at the moment I have a few things smaller at home so I really need to wait till I can get into those before buying more.Who knows what shape I will have by then?I haven't been under a size 16 since 1997!!I was size 30(top)/32(bottom) at my biggest and got down to 18/20 on LL.Have gone up a size to 20/22 but hopefully it won't take too long to get back to the smaller size.I haven't worn jeans since I was about 21-that's the first thing I'm going to buy when I hit target weight!As well as sexy bras,nice small knickers,tight tops :)I can't wait to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.My watch is already feeling loose on my wrist. :)
It's my weigh in 2moz as well so fingers and everything else crossed for both of us... (sure you will be fine)
I also have a selection of sizes in my wardrobe.. Think they have been in there that long they will be back in fashion when I fit into them as well..:D
(no more underskirts though.....):giggle:

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