day 12 on ss


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hi all
its day 12 on ss,been very good not had anything i shouldnt have.:)
my cdc came round last night and she said i have done great,weighed myself this morning and have lost 10.5lbs.:)
but tommorrow iam going to have the day off and have what ever i like :rolleyes:
with having 7 children this eating plan has been very hard but hopley i will still lose next week:D
hope everyone else is doing ok
love kirsty
ps how do i update my ticker,thankyou
Hi Kirsty, firstly congrats on your loss, 10 and a half is great, to update your ticker go back to ticker factory and change it, then copy and paste the new one into your sig.

However, I really dont think that having a day off to eat whatever you like is a good idea, you could easily put half of the weight back on if not more, it will take you out of Ketosis and will be harder to start again.

If you stick at this you could have lost what you want to lose in 2 to 3 more weeks, if you break off now it will set you back.

This diet is not easy at the best of times, but restarting after a break is a nightmare.

I urge you to stick with it and follow it to the letter, you have the rest of your life to eat what you want in moderation, dont mess it up now x
i have to say i agree with the others, you have done so well, and you may mess that up and you will almost certainly kick yourself out of ketosis, and probably put on weight, i know its hard work with kids sticking to this diet, but its so worth it and you do have the rest of your life to eat food you want, please reconsider
Well done Kirsty on ur loss so far...

I have to echo what Vicky has said. I've never had a day off since I started the diet so can't say how easy it is to get back onto it... but I do know that AAM week felt wrong for me.. I started on LL and had it in my head that i wouldn't eat for 14 weeks...!

But the diet in terms of your life is just a short time, if i was you i would stick with it and get it over and done with.... when the diet is over.... in lets face it, a few short weeks, u can eat again ( lol in moderation of course... hmm don't u just hate that word.. moderation!!!)

Good luck with the rest of your weightloss whatever you decide

Try to stick to AAM type things - at least that way you won't go out of ketosis.

Hiya Kirsty:D

I have to agree with what everyone else is saying hun about a "day off" and it's from my own experience. I would also suggest that you do Add a Meal Week as if you go and have a totally "normal" day of eating and drinking you may kick yourself out of ketosis.

Believe me, as a restarter for the third time this time on Sole don't want to have to do it all over again and go through those first few days until ketosis.

It is harder than the first time and so easy to put weight back on as you could possibly just fill up your glycogen stores again and see a considerable weight increase.

I hope you have a lovely family day hun, but remember yourself as a priority and your dreams.
Just finishing up day 12. Really determined this time to keep on trucking!! :D

I am SO proud of you girl.......I could cry!!!!!!

We ARE getting there.....I can't wait for us to reach the end of our journeys together and look back and smile at how we got there.....:) :) :)

Stay with me here girl...we are ROCKING....and OMG we are going to raise some eyebrows!!!!!!