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Day 12

Hi, I'm new to this site but on day 12 of SS. Finding this really helpful to read about other peoples stories. Not an easy diet this one but have stuck to it 100% and am shocked by my willpower. Though the weight loss is so quick these first couple of weeks that It's spurring me on. I've just come back from my parents where everyone was eating a huge roast pork dinner so felt quite sorry for myself drinking my tomato soup. I have 3 stone (at least) to lose x
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You should be vey very proud of yourself for having your soup while they were tucking into a roast well done! I'm only on day 6 and have got to wait another 2 days for my first WI, how much have you lost? x
I lost 6 1/2 at my first weigh in on Tuesday, I had come on the day before so was quite happy with that. I promised myself I wouldnt weigh myself every day, dangerous territory! But I have been and the Wii fit is saying 1lb lost every day, that's what I was holding on to when all I could smell was the divine roast! :)


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Yes definately it will feel much better to hear a good weight loss than to have eaten that roast. I've stuck to SS all week but had friends over today and had a SS+ meal so hoping that doesn't mess me up.
Most of what I read says that there isn't a great deal of difference weight wise between SS and SS+. I'm sure you'll be fine. I keep being tempted by a chicken salad but am worried it will open the floodgates x


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Yes I know what you mean!! Was worried that once I started to eat whether I would be able to stop lol but felt fine. I still have a shake left for today but I still feel full up. If you do get desperate you could try it x
Yeah I'm finding that I'm forcing my last shake down. I'll see what the scales say at my official weigh in on Tuesday and then decide about food. I get a bar though in week 3. Woo Hoo. When is your weigh in?
Hi There

I know what you mean. Today I sat in a pub with friends drinking sparkling water while they ate burgers and fries. It is very difficult but I think being on a diet where you don't eat any food helps.

I too feel exactly like you do, worried about eating proper food incase that makes it easier to cheat. Ive started exercising and struggling on SS so thinking of doing SS+ on the days I go to gym.

Hang in there. The motivation from the scale changing is so important

Oh man, burger and fries!!! Well done A x
well done you - I'm restarting tomorrow, my aim is to do 12 weeks no cheating so I'll be popping on to these boards regularly for inspiration. Pork roast nom nom x
Thank you - Feeling very positive this morning despite the disgusting pecan porridge (won't be having that again!) lol

1 litre of water down already so all is good. Hope everyone is good today.

Oh the porridge is vile, the Apple one was the very first packet I had on my 1st day on this diet, not a good start. Luckily there are some which I actually like......
Hope day 1 is kind to you...
Weigh in for me at 630pm *nervous* x
Good idea!
I've ejected most of the soups, all of the porridge and I'm left with 3 shakes that I enjoy!
Fussy or what?
Happy exercising x
I didn't like the porridge at all when I first tried it. But now I have the pecan one very ocassionally. It satisfies my need for something sweet. And much as I love the malt toffee bars yum, haven't had one for breakfast yet. I usually have one soup a day. I think I like the tomato one best and it's easier to make. No messing about with blenders.
Ew, no mention of the tomato soup on my post Thank You :0)!!
I had to force that one down on Sunday. Though it may have had something to do with the mahoosive Pork Roast that my selfish family were eating at the time........ x