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Day 13 and really struggling!

Just try to limit the damage !!! Are u sole source ?maybe have a look at sole source plus ? You get a meal a day ?

I am on week 6 , crumbled to two crispy rolls with my omelette :( but have taught a 45 min spin class and burnt 350 cals :)

Keep strong !!



Must do it this time
Hang on in there hun
your weigh in tomorrow will give you a huge boost and get you back on track.Just stay away from the fridge ok!


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Sole source plus is good , I only have 2 Cd meals with no extra milk .
:confused: But that isn't Sole Source Plus.

The clue's in the name, hun. Sole source is designed to be your sole source of nutrition - that's why each Cambridge product contains a third of the protein, carbohydrate, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals you need.

If you're only having 2 Cambridge products, you're only having two thirds of what you need and putting your health at risk. There won't be enough nutrients in a sole source plus meal to make up for that missing shake That's not good from a nutrition point of view. Your body needs all those nutrients in order for you to lose fat. You might lose weight, but you're more likely to end up burning muscle, not fat - and your body won't be able to repair itself effectively.

Sole source plus is 4 Cambridge products and 200ml of skimmed milk, or 3 Cambridge products and a 200 cal meal.


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All I want to do in eat! Already been nibbling at cheese and ham from the fridge. Just made leek and pot soup, which made me gag, just could not stomach it. Now hiding in bed, trying not to eat! Plus had a banging head all day! WI tomoz argh!!!!!!
Oh, it's grim when you hate a Cambridge product. :( I feel your pain.

Just a thought (and feel free to shout at your computer!) but are you drinking enough water?
Yeah, plenty of water, had about 3L already plus other drinks. Thinks it's a bit of a migrain, had headache for 4 days now. I really want to stick to it for at least the next 10 weeks, but my determination is flagging! Plus I'm back to work tomoz after 2 wks off and I work nights! I'm not looking forward to it! I will continue to think of my wedding dress!!!!!
Mrshtobe I'm on day 13 too its difficult I just keep thinking about my wedding dress and how happy I will feel in it when I have lost the weight !! I had a headache on day seven and eight

Hope ur headache goes away

I did sole source plus cause Im nurse and do twelve hr shifts and I'm on my feet all the time


I β™₯ CD !!
l know how you feel hun lm struggling since Monday after a planned day off on Sunday, l have been 100% since Monday but the food devil is a constant companion l wish l would get into ketosis soon
Sasha63, you are a stronger person than me. I totally caved! I'm seriously considering ss+ from tomoz. Just worried that if I eat that small bit of food I might not be able to stop! We just have to tell ourselves it's mind over matter! I will resist! Xx

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