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Day 13 .. hunger kicked in yesterday :-/

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by stace2013, 5 September 2014 Social URL.

  1. stace2013

    stace2013 Well-Known Member

    13 days in hunger only kicked in yesterday whilst at work which is strange cos im a baker and it hasnt bothered me before but yesterday i could have ate a scabby horse as they say , stayed strong and fed my self up on black coffee and fizzy water thou strange thing was i was fancying foods i dont even like , would of done anything for a bowl of prawns never eaten them in my life haha tried them once or twice xx strange body xx
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  3. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Well-Known Member

    I had strange cravings like that too, for onion and salad...i hate the stuff lol. Just stay strong and focused, the hunger will fade :). Im starting on my round 2 of lipotrim now
  4. stace2013

    stace2013 Well-Known Member

    im on my round 2 aswell :) how many days have you been on it xx
  5. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Well-Known Member

    How are you finding it this time round? So far iv not managed a full day of shakes, its been two then a small meal. Iv only been doing my second round for 3 days but finding it harder than my first time lol x
  6. stace2013

    stace2013 Well-Known Member

    its harder this time round i think because you know what to expect , i spent the first week being emotional and feeling so down then this week im just wanting to eat anything and everything , every time i feel like im going to cave in i have a black coffee xx

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