day 13, Second weigh in.

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  1. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    cambridge Diet
    Hi all,

    Day 13 and my second weigh in and lost a 1lb!
    I have stuck to the diet - albeit some days where I had 3 sachets instead of four (i gaged this when it came to Sunday and realised i had a few too many left over :-()

    I feel so deflated! I know a pound is better than nothing but still when you have been so good, you want to see great results and a pound to me makes the journey seem a long way off to my goal.

    I am not sure what I had expected, two, three pounds a week weight loss, but a pound :-(

    My CDC did show me what a pound of fat looks like, I had a feel and it felt a lot but would like to have felt a bit more :)

    On a good note, my size 18's are feeling too big and Size 16 trousers are out showing themselves so something must be working?

    this diet means the world to me, it's going to prove I can be thinner, healthy and have will power! change my eating habits for life, but I feel so deflated, I can't deny that today.

    sorry for the rant :-(
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    SO MUCH TO LOSE! Must do it this time

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    Hey Hun Try Not To Be So Downhearted,im Sure Next Week You Will Have A Fab Loss.
    Is It Totm For You Or Near It,have You Drank Enough Water?
    I Dont Know If Its Down To You Not Having All Your Shakes Or Not But I Know You Really Do Need To Have Them All For Your Vits And Nutrients.
    Did You Drink Much Water Before You Got Weighed As 1litre Of Water Can Add 2lbs,
    Sorry Im Not More Helpful But Do Stick To It Our Bodies Are Weird Things So They Are And If Your Clothes Are Starting To Feel Looser The N You Are Doing Something Right.
    Also Measure Yourself To See If You Have Lost Any Inches,
    Elaine X
  4. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    hey - WELL DONE on your loss so far - GREAT :D

    BUT - you must must must have ALL your packs each day....even if you're not hungry for them....otherwise your body will go into starvation mode and will 'hold on' to every bit of extra weight.....

    don't feel down - measure those inches lost.....sometimes those pesky scales only tell half the story ! :rolleyes:

    good luck next week...and keep us posted !

    Debz xx
  5. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    cambridge Diet
    Hey, thanks for teh response!

    No totm :-( Um, I did lose track of time and prob drank too much.

    Much of this week I have been constipated and had to use some laxatives last night to help me a bit, again all blocked so trying fibre89 from my CDC, I lose track of my water intake daily so trying to keep on top.

    I think this could be the key :)
  6. mommysue

    mommysue Silver Member

    blimey you have lost 8 lb in 2 weeks thou. thats brill. you may find next week you will have another loss. i always thought i would shift loads everyweek on this and i didnt . but i have only about 18 lb too loose. they say a stone in amonth and your well on the way . maybe its the inches you have lost this week . stupidly i once went for wigh in in jeans !!! so i had to strip em off .... evry pound counts . but look at your achievement so far thats really good . so dont be despondant .
  7. abz

    abz Gold Member

    a lb loss is still a loss, it's still not a gain, or even a maintenance, it's still proof that you are doing things right and it is still close to the beginning of your journey. there is a post on here somewhere called 'a bloody pound' i think. give it a read. it really does put it all in perspective.

    i also think you've probably lost more size than weight.

    good luck in the coming week!!

    abz xx
  8. Fatbird

    Fatbird Full Member

    8lb in 2 weeks is fab. Don't be too disappointed. Would you be deflated if you had 2 weeks of 4lb? It is a good overall loss, and as someone else mentioned, measuring will be a good idea too.

    Keep going, you can do it!
  9. apia08

    apia08 Full Member

    cambridge Diet
    Thanks again, I'll look up the "Bloody Pound" I can see I am not alone this week :) and had some great advice. I have a wedding in 4 weeks and I was really hoping to lose some noticable weight before then. Isn't it horrible when you haven't seen people for a long time and you don't feel your very best.

    Need to get to the gym this week and tone up!
  10. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    Hi, well done on your weight loss so far. You really should have your four packs a day this could be a reason why you didnt lose much this week

    becky xx
  11. abz

    abz Gold Member

    well if you kept up your current rate of weight loss then you will have lost over a stone. i'm not saying that's going to happen, i'm just pointing out that what you have lost is a major achievement. over a stone in four weeks wouldn't be bad now would it? keep it up hon and hopefully you'll lose as much as you want to :)

    abz xx
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