Day 13 - Why am I still starving?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by newslimme, 20 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. newslimme

    newslimme Member

    Hiya All, Sorry to moan but I wondered if anyone knew why Im still starving hungry? I know people say their feelings of hunger dissapate when their body is in ketosis, Ive done 13 days now, not cheated once, only drank water etc. but am so so hungry I could cry :tear_drop: Could i be doing anything wrong? Thanks all lipotrimmers xx

    Start weight 20.12
    1st weigh in 19.12 - 1 stone yipee
    2nd weigh in 19.10 - 2lbs
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  3. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    If you have not cheated once honey then I'm guessing (as mad as this will sound) that it's not actual tummy hunger but rather head hunger. Are you feeling like you really really want to chew something?
  4. newslimme

    newslimme Member

    God yeah, everything i see on t.v looks fantastic...ive just made my little girls tea too so that didnt help x
  5. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    Well I know that when I was starting out I sat myself down and had a good think about whether I was actually hungry or whether it was just me wanting something out of habit. I determined that it was the latter. Remember, we've been eating since birth - this is an extremely hard habit to break, much harder than quitting smoking for example.

    I would say that you're not actually hungry, but you think you are because you're not quite used to not eating yet. Fill up on water and hot drinks sweetie and hopefully soon you'll combat the feeling of wanting to eat.

    Good luck and hope this helps at least a little. I've been there so I know how you feel hun *hugs*
  6. newslimme

    newslimme Member

    Thanks so much, its interesting to hear how other people view it, I see myself as a food addict and I know I need to break the addiction, ive got myself a dvd so might just pop off to bed soon and watch it. p.s well done on your losses and thanks for the chat xx
  7. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    No problem sweetie, any time :) Hope you get this beat soon chica x
  8. BlackRose

    BlackRose Gold Member

    Sorry to just pop in but -yeah I completely understand the head hunger thing and its made me cave sooo many times. Relax with a nice hot drink (peppermint with a sweetener helps me :D) and your dvd and I hope it subsides soon. My OH is truly a food addict too and for him LT is the only 'rehab' which allows him to cut food out altogether and tackle his problems with eating.

    I hope you feel better soon :D ;)
  9. liberty_girl

    liberty_girl Peace Love Happiness

    Umm, I actually think I still have a kind of hungry feeling in my tummy a lot of the time, and I'm learning to tolerate it. It's really annoying and I would have eaten because of it in the past. Not sure if this is helpful or not. xxxxx My next weigh in is Week 4 btw.
  10. Sara4

    Sara4 Gold Member

    I did 8 weeks TFR my first time and I got bouts of hunger on and off for all of that. It never really went. Some days were fine and others I was a bit hungry and some nights I went to bed with an actual pain in my stomach from it......tummy growling and just used a hot water bottle. One night I was woken at 4am by the hunger! So it was defo more than head hunger! I got head hunger too but that didn't bother me at all.

    But I did find guzzling the water helped and don't wait till your hungry to take it.....keep sipping constantly all day. Days where I didn't drink enough and then tried to load it all in after tea time were much worse. But I did kind of just get used to it. After about 3 weeks it didn't bother me too much anymore.

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