Day 14, And 12lb lighter !!


I want to be slim !!
Hello everybody,
Just thought i would share my news,
I weighed myself today (day 14) and ive lost 12lb, i can't believe it, Im soooo chuffed..

I went to a 40th birthday party last night and did not eat a thing,

I find the weekends hard, but so far i have not cheated once, so really proud of myself..

xxxx :p :p :p
Hi Cara,

Congratualtions on losing 12lbs.!!!

That is really good and I can see you are over the moon with it and also you did well not to eat at the birthday party that is a real acid test!!!

The weekends are tough, I find them very difficult at times and I believe Icemoose has posted somewhere that he found Sundays a real killer.

Your doing great and here is to another good week ahead.

Love Mini xxx
Whoo 12 lbs thats great
but even better was you being so good at your birthday party.that was so so good.
You have every right to br chuffed.
I find that a lot of weekends I split my packs so I can have more meals if I need them found this helps.
Thanks so much MINI,
I cannot wait til i can get into those size 12 jeans...
I have to say this diet gets easier day by day..
The first few days for me were a killer..

Well done thats fantastic in 2 weeks xx
Thanks Libbie...
The party was the real test for me, as i was going to cancel going, but then decided to go and see if i could manage to not cheat,
Well done!!
on the 12lb and NOT cheating at a party!!
I'd have failed on that one I tell ya! lol

I know you'll get past that stone milestone by next week, your motivation is showing in your posts!

Keep up the great work!
Absolutely bluddy fantastic!!!! :)

I'm so proud of you managing the party ok, it must have been difficult, but you did it! :)

Well done :)

Kits xxxx

So good to hear from you and so upbeat too. You seemed to be really struggling earlier on, so glad you stuck it out and now are rewarded. The 12lbs is fab! Better still you are enjoying it, YES! and getting a kick out of achieving what you never thought possible before like 'not eating at a party'. I'm like you get a real kick out of knowing I can do these things.

You'll be in those jeans in the blink of an eye!

Dizzy x
Well done!!!!!!!!!!! FAB LOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

and even better to have been good at a party, thats very hard for me to do, but you do feel very good afterwards, so well done you!!
Thank you EVERYBODY for all your kind words, Im sooo pleased with the weight loss, I cannot believe im OVERWEIGHT, not OBESE !!

cara, 12lbs is BRILLIANT

WELL DONE on staying in control at the party - I always think of ocassions like this as little tests along the journey and WOW you just passed with flying colours. It really is such an important lesson to realise that, HEY we truly can enjoy ourselves and have a great time without it always revolving around food.