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Attack Day 2 and i think im eating too much

Hi everyone I've just finished day 2 and I'm finding it so easy that I'm worried I'm doing it wrong, I might be eating too much and was just wondering what everyone else eats, yesterday I had
3 boiled eggs followed by fat free yogurt and oatbran for breakfast
3 chicken breasts for dinner followed by more yogurt
3 small steaks for tea more yogurt
Seafood sticks and sardines to snack on
When I weighed this morning I had put on 1 lb which i wasn't suprised as ive learnt from years of fad diets and I didn't let it get me down
Today I've eaten pretty much the same but turkey steaks instead of beef steaks, and I feel so full up (not in an uncomfortable way) but I really don't think it's going to work, has this happened to anyone else? I suppose will have to wait and see in the morning :)
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I see it says you have been doing a calorie counting diet. Have you finished a long time ago or just switched over? If so it may take a bit before your body adjusts. I will say that 3 boiled eggs may be over doing it on a cholesterol point of view and be careful that your yoghurt doesn't take you over the 1kg (I think) limit, although I appreciate your book will say unlimited. Seafood sticks are limited to 6 or 8 (don't know as I didn't eat them) and they are something people can have issues with as they have a lot of salt in them. Are the sardines plain or in tomato sauce?


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If I'm reading your stats correctly, you've lost a great deal of weight already on another diet. Congratulations!

Why the switch at this stage? Starting Dukan with such a low BMI for just 6lbs really isn't a good idea. Sorry!
Hi maintainer I'm trying this as I sometimes struggle not to put weight on and I like the idea of pp 1 day a week. So it's more about the maintenance then losing weight, well saying that these last 6lbs won't bloody move and I would like to lose them and then stay at my goal weight forever xxx
Have you got the book? I do think it is probabaly because you have been on a diet previously and your body is in starvation mode. Cut back a little and make sure you are following it to the letter. Is the yoghurt 0% fat?
Hey Hun yeah got the book and was following it but it seems to say different then everyone on here and then I got confused when people said the more you eat the more you lose lol, I've put on about half a stone recently from going on holiday and stuff so thought I'd give this a go but your right my body just isn't used to the extra calories, at a loss really what I should do to lose this half stone xxx
Rein yourself in a bit and stick to the principles and I am sure your body will come around. Are you eating to be full or eating to excess? The idea is not to stuff yourself silly but to eat to satisfy you. You shouldn't be hungry but also you shouldn't just eat because it is unlimited.

The book has some contradictions in it and the advice here is generally from the updates. So Dr D says unlimited dairy but the updated advice is to limit this to 1kg in total with skimmed milk being 150ml I think. The updated advice is especially important if you are having trouble loosing the weight. Make sure all your food is pure, easy to buy a cooked chicken breast and think that is ok but actually reading what is added to it is quite surprising. Amazing amount of carbs and even fat.


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Perhaps try Conso. For six pounds, you really don't want to get into the yoyo hell low carbing can result in.

I understand your fear at regaining - check out my signature - but you don't want to go cutting out food groups at 6lbs from target! Cos they have to be reintroduced VERY slowly and over a long period of time!

Sorry Poppy - but we'll have to agree to disagree on this one!

Francesca can of course do as she pleases :D
Feel free to disagree all you want, getting different opinions is what it is all about here :D
Hi, it's consolidation which is the 3rd part of the diet. Often people continue to loose weight when they start on it (I did) but if you are not loosing weight on attack or going to cruise I don't think you will going to conso. How did you do yesterday and have the scales moved at all?


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My idea is this... so, from the RED CORNER ;)

I think Conso (phase 3 of this diet) might be the way forward because, while attack + cruise will give Francesca a water then probably also fat loss, she'll then have to spend weeks/months reintroducing the food groups.

With Conso, however, because there is a RESTRICTED amount of bread, fruit + medium fat cheese six days of the week, and one portion of starch each week (and still PV each day, so strict rules), she would have a structured food intake without taking away any food groups. She could do one PP a week, and not have a gala meal initially. She'd not be in ketosis.
lol and in the blue corner. I understand what you are saying and it will depend on the personality of the person doing it. I know you initially recommended conso to me as a way of loosing weight because you felt that I should not do the diet at my BMI (we have agreed to disagree) but I would not have lost weight doing a conso style diet and there is too much flexibility and you have to have the will power to stop at the required amounts. So if this dieter has the will power I would agree with you, but if the dieter needs more structure and defined do's and don'ts (as in me) it won't work as it is too easy to go off track.

Ding, ding ...


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Milk intake is limited to 250ml per day. I agree with Joanne, conso might be better for you seeing you only need to lose another 6lbs. Good luck!
Hi girlies thank you so much for taking time out to help me, I gave up for 2 days ate what I would normally eat and have lost the 2 lbs bizarre! Well maybe if I explain my situation 3 years ago I weighed over 15 stone, in 2 years I lost over 5 stone doing various diets and exercises, my lowest weight is 9 stone 9 lbs and I fluctuate between that and 9 12 I have maintained that for a year and I'm really happy however after the school holidays, having time off work, not being able to go to the gym, eating out alot with my daughter I put on 10lbs, lost a couple naturally when I started eating normally but I'm now stuck at 10 2, in spite of getting back in the gym and eating healthily, and I know some people will think I'm being silly but I just can't stand being at this weight it's really getting me down so I thought I would try something like the attack to shift the pounds without starving myself and also because I tend to eat protein and not carbs anyway, I need to be strict once I'm told eat as much as you want I do so I definately need something with structure xxx

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