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Day 2 (and struggling)

It certainly does get easier sweetheart, and it does become almost natural, certainly routine at least.

What you need to do today is to keep yourself busy. Are you working today? What have you got planned? If at all possible incorporate an early night and a hot bubble bath (no idea at all why that works but trust me it does :)) and remember it's soooo important to drink all of that water as it does help to keep you full up as well. I promise you it gets easier, just keep your chin up and soldier through these tough few days and you'll be soaring doll x


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it does get alot easier hun, especially after your first week. and i know what you mean about it feeling 'unnatural'. that feeling fades after a few days - its great now to not have to think about what food to eat, or count calories. You'll start to feel alot better soon and stop wondering 'is it actually worth it'. good luck with your first weigh in, that will probably be your first turning point! xx
Thank you

I dont want to give up at this stage, i think this could be a life changing journey for me and end a lot of my unhappiness, but feel really yuck

I am at work, yes but just feel shaky and shivery as well as hungry lol Just need to focus a bit on the long term and ignore my empty tummy lol Good news is I slightly enjoyed strawberry shake today, better than yesterday lol

Glad you found the strawberry easier today babe, did you use the sweeteners? :) Oh yeah, all of the water drinking tends to make me really chilly so I'm always taking extra layers to work with me so I don't get too cold. That sounds like a great idea to focus on what you want long term and don't forget, you might think you want food but if you give in and have some a) it won't taste as great as you think it will and b) you'll feel even worse than you do right now because you know you'll have cheated yourself.

We're all here for you sweetie, and I genuinely believe that you can do this xx


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just stick at it hun. if you can get willpower to get you through the first week then its easy sailing after that. I couldn't see how it would ever get better when i first started but it really does! try and drink more water if you are feeling hungry, it does fill you up! xx
Teenyweeny dont worry it does get easier i am on the dreaded day 5 and i am feeling fine!

I have been drinking loads of water though with every shaker i have at least 1lt water so in total about 3ltr water + 1.5ltr mixed up in shake, and i think it does help alot.

Do try it out and if you keep feeling like you cant carry on then go back and look at Nicki's picture, Fattothin, Monsoon, Julz, and the many more people that have achieved their target and trust me that will be motivation to want to carry on.

It will get easier remember we are in this together. :grouphugg:
Hi babe,

It does get better - I promise! I was sooooooo cold I was taking a hot water bottle to bed!!!! My poor OH used to sweat every night while I shivered!

It sounds like you are on the edge of ketosis. Hang in there and have some hot drinks, black coffee or tea, whichever you prefer and that will help warm you up.

Don't try and do too much else, obviously at work you have to work - they seem to expect you to - but once home pamper yourself.

Take care babe.



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Drink, Drink Drink babe. Fill yourself up with water, try and avoid people and sleep as much as you can. Your nearly in ketosis and you will be fine.

Pinky promise xxxx
I didnt use the sweetener, have it on my list of things to get in town tomorrow, along with straws and a shaker lol. I used less water and it seemed to help. Turns out I like my shakes a bit thick

I am getting my hair done tomorrow, and as this only involves sitting in a chair for a few hours I am looking forward to it. Intend to do nothing on Sunday, so hopefully I will fell better on Monday???????? Tell me I will fellow slimmers lol

Hey babe! You are going to feel out of this world VERY SOON! You just got to hang in there and stay focused on this first little part of your new journey... you can do it and you will!

You are in good company on this forum so keep posting and keep drinking the water - you will soon start to LOVE your shakes and think they taste delish! :)

This IS the start of a happier life for you - once you start to see the weight drop off and people start to compliment you - the buzz is unreal!

Once you get to your first weigh in you will be so amazed as you could loose 6-12 pounds easy! You will probs have a stone off you in a couple of weeks and then you will be dropping at least half a stone every fortnight! Its so mad how quickly everything starts to happen!

Focus on where you want to be - what clothes you want to have - set yourself mini goals - i have mine in my signature and they really helped me to stay focused - another important thing is to plan lots of treats and rewards to celebrate every success!

Good you are getting your hair done tomorrow! Why not plan to get your nails done when you loose your first stone? And get a facial for another goal? A new hand bag? New Shoes? New Make Up? I got a body wrap done which was awesome - plan lots of goals and what you are going to treat yourself to once you get there! It keeps you going and gives you a sense of achievement!

You will get tough times but remember you can only think of 1 thing at a time - and you control your thoughts - so the moment a negative though enters your head - then you have to decide what you are going to do with that thought? You can either dwell on it and let it consume you and bring you down - OR! You can replace it with a more positive happy thought of how you are going to feel when you are at your goal.

You can do it - just keep your mind focused on the great life that lies before you and promise yourself that this time is your time and you are going to make it - by hook or by crook!!!!!

Hi all

I am finding today a bot hard already, am very hungry and keep feeling a bit dizzy

Please tell me it gets better lol Does it become more natural at any point?

Thank you and hope you are all doing better than me

T x
Promise you it will get better! Stick with it and drink as much as you can x


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I felt the same yesterday not Im on day three and its better,headaches have eased and Im not as sluggish,tongues like Saddam Husseins flipflop but thats good,ketosis must have kicked in! Keep your chin up,it will get better x
Keep my chins up dont you mean lol

I have spent the last hour feeling really sick an dgiddy but just put my i pod in at work and realised music is the answer. I am now concentrating on that instead of feeling yucky Beyonce is the cure lol

Thank you all for your lovely answers x


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lmao @ saddam husseins flipflop!!!!

I have nothing to add - Juls has said it all - very wise that lady is, very wise :D
i know Julz is very wise and seems to know how to pen out the best advice.:)

Are you sure you are not a solicitor or a writer Julz??

Listening to my ipod at work as well and definitely keeping me going. All the best love you can do it!


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stick with it, you'll be on cloud 9 after your WI.

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