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Day 2 :( been so sick and headache etc..

Hi everyone :cry:
I started the diet yesterday (admittedly with no prep eg cutting down carbs and upping water) and I had my 3 packs and 4 pints of water.
Before I went to bed last night I felt a bit headachey but this morning OMG!!! I have been really sick and have a pounding head.
Im really worried - is this normal???
Am i ok to take paracetomol plus (the paracetomol and caffeine tablets) or does this affect the diet???
I started off so positively and now i feel so ill :(
Looking forward to your words of advice!
Thanks so much
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Lots of people have bad headaches in the first few days of the diet. I'm not so sure about being sick though. You might be ill as well. Tablets should be fine.

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Does sound like your ill and not the diet thats made you ill.

Unfortunately it probably sounds like you'll end up needing a bit of bread to try and settle your stomach, i know when i was sick the sachets were pointless. I may as well have just poured them in the bin.
Luckily for you or if your only on day 2 your probably werent in ketosis so its not going to knock you out again.

Take it hour by hour and see how you get on, id advise plent yof water and to take paracetamol.

Can you get in contact with your cdc and ask her for advice?


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The first time I did CD I felt like that on day 2/3, I ended up havng 2 slice of toast and poached egg and it it did wonders. However I was then on the slippery slope and continued to cheat for the rest of the time I was on it. I went to bed early last night cos I was feeling a bit sicky but so far I haven't had anything not CD. Unfortunately I think for some of us the transistion phase is harder than for others. Drink lots of water, lots of tea, and if you can TRY and have a cambridge soup, go to bed when you can and before you know it you'll be over this initital period. Hang in there!!! xxx
I had tremendous headaches from the first day to about day 5. I took all the painkillers I could, ice patches on my head and ice packs in various places. Just kept at it and I'm on day 13 now and haven't had another.

Hope you feel better soon.


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You could be feeling nauseous because of the headache pain or it could be a bug.

I felt terrible for the first 5 days when I started (I hadn't cut down either with the carbs). It will get better. Try and stick to it and not waiver. If you really can't cope with the pain / nausea then contact your CDC.

Paracetamol + is fine, you can also take Nurofen if you need to as well as the paracetamol. It is fine to take both painkillers as they work differently and don't react to each other

Charlie xx
Hello everybody and thanks so much for your lovely messages. You will be pleased to hear I didn't give in despite feeling so poorly and have managed day 2 of SS without cheating.
I took some paractemol plus this afternoon and am gradually feeling better, dont feel sick anymore but just a little headache.
Thanks again for all your encouraging words and i will let you know how i get on at my first weigh in on Tues
Well done on getting through day 2 after such a challenging start. That really showed determination and strength, hope it all gets progressively easier for you.
I re-started on 4th Jan and instantly acquired a cold, I am the world's worst patient (being a nurse, lol) but I perservered and have not had a blip.
Good Luck, it will be worth it at first weigh-in !!

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