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day 2 menu

tea splash of milk,
atkins bar 3grm carb
lunch 2 boiled eggs,
dinner chicken leg with yellow pepper,
spinich and mushrooms,
snack atkins bar 3grm carb,

hope no one minds me puting this here but if i dont write down what im having i forget half of what im eating
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well done sharon, I try to eat no more than 1000 cals per day and try to stick with 20g carbs

sue x
I thought I'd replied to this?

Looks good but you know I'm going to complain about the green s don't you love. :D
yes i knowlol but im having the spinich and the pepper
thank you lol i just hope i can be as sucsessful as you
You are trying and that's the important thing isn't it love.
yes in going to do my best, id like to be thinner before i go away im may
god i hope so i think you and i are going for the same goal weight
Good start sharon. If you really can't stand the veggies do make sure you take a good multivitamin and maybe some extra potassium as well - the salt replacements (like Lo-Salt) are a good source of potassium.
yes 10 stone is perfect for me as well i think where about the same hieght as well, so we should look thin lol, ill get some vits tomorrow when i go to boots do you take them?
ill get some and see how i go


Alway see the love x
Talking of multivitamin, Im taking Centrum but im confused. It say`s.. A complete daily multimineral-multivitamin food supplement for adults......"""food supplement""""????


it prob just means if your missing things from your diet
no i dout it its prob just to supplement what your lacking if you dont eat prop
Yes, I think Sharon's right woof, just to supplement the food you're eating rather than a food itself.

I just take a bog-standard one-a-day multivit with minerals - I buy a big bottle from asda.

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