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day 2 of dukan attack

well done!
today's my second day on attack too

lost just under 3lb in one day-can't quite believe it!

it certainly is incentive to carry on :D
Well done girls!, Day 2 for me to! and down 3lbs. I know its prob water at this stage but sure the scales is going down.
I got on grand yesterday, didn't crave carbs at all and was very full all day.

Had lovely turkey rashers and eggs for breaky:D
How long are use doing the attack phase for?
I'm supposed to do it for 2 days but going to do 5.


** Chief WITCH **
It's best to follow the recommendation of the official website ref length of time of attack. An over lengthy period in attack won't necessarily help you lose more weight, but it could well cause you some "transit" issues ;)

Was it the official website which gave you the two day advice?
Yes it was the official website, I dont think 2 days is enough for me, most seem to follow for a few extras days just to get carb craving out of there system though.
hi Maddy1, i struggled a bit with sweet cravings yesterday but kept them quiet with a couple of pack of sugar free chewing gum.

Woke up this morning with a banging head, but now ok

I seem to be much better today - no cravings yet *touches wood*

i'm still full from my cinnamon and vanilla galette and vanilla yoghurt from breakfast whereas this time yesterday I could have eaten my own arm!.

dyin to see 2moro's scales to see how much lost.
Feel quite positive about it all... :)
hi girls

how cool we all started the same day, hope we all achieve what we want too, i think im going to do the attack phase for 3 days then see if i can stretch another day on it, then go to pv on friday...as its my birthday on friday and im going out for a meal ( which im really scared about) because of doing this diet, im just going to have to try and pick the best things i can on the menu, not sure where im going yet , but im going to have vegetables instead of jacket potato or chips things like that so hopefully wont do too much damage .xx
Poppylu and others, stay positive, stick with it...This actually is THE BEST DIET IN THE WORLD! I'm sure like me you've all tried to lose weight before and got disheartened, stick with this...get through the first few days of carb detox and you'll astound yourselves at how quickly you shed pounds x Best of luck!


** Chief WITCH **
Welcome Poppy... we're just as good as the online coaching, and we don't charge nearly as much! We are rather nosey though, so feel free to open a diary in the diary section and tell us all about yourself!

Preparation is key to this diet so plan your menus, empty your cupboards, organise your diary, and get a load of Dukan friendly shopping in. Perhaps post some menus on the menu page in advance for checking!


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