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day 2 restart


thats better !

well as my title says im on day 2 of sole source its been 4 years since i last did CD.
im sat here trying to focus on everything but my stomach, after cooking my partners dinner and then sitting watching him eat it i feel like crying!

I need something to help me focus and stop thinking about it ! its only day 2 iv got along way to go yet!
i need your help!!!
iv had the maple and pecan porridge for breakfast and iv never had anything so truly putrid but becasue it was so bad i managed to do 2 pints of water just trying to get it down!
so i guess theres a plus side.

today i made mint choc milkshake with ice and it was lovely, so might have something similar for my dinner.

For some reason i remember it being easier last time round!

iv got sooo much to loose i dont know how i will do it .
and on the 16th my friends has invited us all to the harvester for her birthday, i dont want to eat but at the same time im not telling anyone that im back on cambridge(long story but i cant)
so im thinking of having just a plain bit of chicken or just salad or maybe some fish ! i just dont want to drop out of ketosis!!!!:wave_cry::wave_cry:
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Oh dear, I totally wouldn't be making my OH's dinner. Although he did sit in the livingroom and eat if after he asked if he could ;)

I would try and not cook anything for a wee while so you don't have to think about food and just try and take your mind off it. I am heading to bed shortly after my last shake so I can't be tempted to pick and am going to watch a nice girlie movie while OH watches the football and will probably be asleep in 10 mins ;)

Lots of early nights helped me before!
last time i did CD i lived at home with my mum still and she would always eat before i got home which was nice, unfortunatly my partner works shift work so he came home for his lunch break at 6.30 aqnd goes back to work for 7.30 so i have to have dinner prepared and ready to serve otherwise he wont get any lol
so i cant even get out of it , although tomorrow he has got a microwave lasagne so i dont have to !I want an early night but i feel guilty as iv got a 6month old puppy and feel so selfish if i leave her alone for too long ! everything seems against me this time lol
Yeah my OH said he would have micro meals or stuff already cooked in the freezer so I don't have to cook. Not that I would much anyway, he is big enough to do it himself ;) But since your OH is coming home on his break I can understand it. Can he stay at work and eat there so he isn't eating around you?

Don't feel bad wanting an early night just now, you can spend more time playing with your pup once you feel a bit better in a couple of days. A nice hot bath and an early night and you will probably feel much better tomorrow :D


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For some reason i remember it being easier last time round!

im not telling anyone that im back on cambridge(long story but i cant)
I know exactly where you are coming from. First time round was so simple for me. This time has been a struggle. 24 days in now, on SS and I am finding it easier and easier. But those first 10 days were a fight.
I didn't tell anyone first time around, nor this time. But having to admit it now, as a few gatherings are happening and I have stuck fast and eaten a bowl of soup at the table.
I am posting mostly over in the Restarters sub-forum, hoping that the restart that we all have in common will keep us going.
Good luck on your journey and pop over to the other sub-forum.

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