Day 2 woo hoo -drink until I shrink !


Morning everyone!

Yesterday went without a blip, saw my CD counsellor, got weighed (shock :eek: ) but it's a fresh start. Tried the Broccoli and cheese soup last night, not too sure if I like it, will make it less watery next time, it might have more flavour :p

She gave me a pack of ketostix for free, she said she took a couple out, but it's nearly a whole pack. I will test myself tomorrow morning on Day 3.

No hunger, slept peacefully after one trip to the loo. Just had my first shake - Toffee and Walnut, lovely. I am really determined this time to get to goal, I go to Canada on 20 April to see my relatives and want to be wearing jeans.

How are all the newbies doing - I get so spurred on with all the wonderful weight losses going on, on this board.

Love Eva
Hi Eva how much do you want to lose ?
I m sure you will succeed ........if you want to. These vlcd`s are amazing and would recommend them to anyone.

Good luck
good luck kitten! well done for getting thru the first day. u ought to be felling good by the weekend and snugly in ketosis.

u can use black pepper in soups if u dont like the flavour or want to give it a bit of umphh! i use t with all soups but then i always have, on CD or not.

i look forward to seeing how much u lose this week. good luck xxxx
Hiya Eva

I'm on day 2 too. Yesterday went ok.. although i must say I missed eating, as much as food and cooking is part of my daily routine as anything.

I bought myself a card making kit to keep me occupied during the times i would usualy be snacking.. turn out I'm not that god at it though lol

I totally agree with you re the amazing stories on here.. it's a huge motivation isn't it. i love the before and after photo's too!

Lizzie xx
Hi Eva

Well done on getting through to Day 2. Keep trying all of the different flavours.... some you will like, others not (spicy Tomato bleuhhhh!!). You may find that your taste buds will change along the way too, so those that you liked in the beginning you won't like so much and those that you didn't like you will (apart from spicy tomato, in my experience).

Good luck for the rest of your journey and let us know how you get on

Jazzy x
Hi Lizzie

Good luck to you too and well done for getting through the first day.
I spent a fortune on different craft items, cross stitch, knitting etc and I too realised that I am not that crafty!!!!
Decided to spend the money on some good films instead.

Have a good day

Jazzy x
Thanks Jazzy!!

What a splendid idea - I'm going to browse the DVD section whilst out shopping!!

Lizzie x
Craft kits! For me it is sorting - when in ketosis, I could sort out my cupboards for England (same when I did atkins 7 years ago - sold half the house contents!) Maybe ketosis should carry a warning: beware, when in ketosis, you may develop new interests!
Take care!

Hi All

maybe im jumping ahead of myself as it is only day to of my journey but iseem to be reading alot on this page about ketosis testing!!!!
Does your councillor give you this or do you request it or do you need to ask, is it to soon???

garcia24 x
Is my fourth day.
I thought it was getting better but I gave up and eat some cottage cheese. I am so upset with myself!
And considering how I feel it was not even worth it!
I hope you are doing better than me! :(