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Day 2

I'm worrying slightly about the curry I made last night, using coconut milk! Does anybody know how many sins are in a can or how to calculate synns from packet nutrition information?

Apart from my fear of the synns content in coconut, yesterday went exactly to plan and I kept completly to the diet which really was easy and I'm already feeling the benefits from eating more healthy. I also went for a run yesterday, be it four times around a football pitch but a run nonetheless.


Muller light, two bananas.

snack on four extra light laughing cow cheeses.


Rice with a little of last nights curry (eek)


Tuna, onion and spinach patties and side salad.
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there.
You dont seem to have had any HEA's or HeB's...what day were you on yesterday?
If you had 4 extra light laughing cow triangles, you would have to syn them as well, as the allowance for the HeA is 6 Hun.
Also, were the patties home made? If so, how did you make them??
Sorry to rain on your thread, but I want to make sure that you enjoy the SW plan and do it right to get the best losses!

No any advice is gratefully received! I started a little blindly yesterday just going by what I can remember. I have the book now though so am going to re jog my memory today. What are HEA and HEB. I thought the extra light cheeses were practically free? Why would I have to synn the cheeses? Aren't they in my allowances?
For the patties - I cooked potatoes, mashed them up using a little fromage frais. Added spring onions, A little cooked broccoli I had in the fridge and spinach, a tin of tuna(synns I guess) and a little sweetcorn. Seasoned and added a little cayenne pepper. Put the mixture in the fridge for about an hour. Added two eggs yolks to the mixture and stirred in.I made four large pattie shapes and put them on a baking tray and cooked them for about 20 mins until brown and they were delicious. Me and my partner had two each and salad and it was plenty enough.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Right...here goes! Lol
Each day that you do, whether it is a Green or a Red day, you need to have an allowance of dairy (HeA) and Fibre (HeB). Depending on your losses, you can have 2 of both, but I tend to have just one HeA and 2 HeB (you have to have the 2 HeB's).
The HeA's are normally things such as milk or cheese and the HeB's are usually (depending again on Red or Green) things like bread, potatoes, pasta(on Red) etc.
This will be explained in your books Hun.
The Laughing Cow Extra Light Allowance as a HeA is 6, Im not sure of the syn value of them though.
All I can suggest is have a look at the other diaries on here for some ideas and tips - mine is there as well and I stick to mainly Red over Green Days.
I will read your diary to see how things are going and I am sure that others will help and advise too.
Dont be afraid to ask, thats what we are here for!!

Good luck!

Thanks Kerry-Ann

You've been a great help! Only thing I'm not quite understanding is the laughing cow cheese situation. If I eat slightly less of my HEA or HEB than entitled, it won't count? I would only think it wouldn't matter if I ate slightly under what healty extras that I'm entitled to?

I'm sure I'll be better informed when I return on Monday.

Hope you have a good weekend - generally and slimming wise x


Mrs V

Loves Life!
If you eat slightly less of your HeA or HeB allowance then it becomes syns rather than what you are allowed. Your Counsultant will go over this when you go to class though.

You too have a good weekend and dont fret over the plan too much!!!

I did not keep to the diet one bit over the weekend!! Everything went to pot. I invited a friend over for a vegetable stirfry on Friday as we are both doing slimming world together and she has a barny with partner (who was also suppose to come over but to have a take away with my partner). So.... not really a good enough excuse.... As it was 8.30pm at this point and we were very hungry I decided to have a chinese (3
I didn't feel too guilty about it, I even had three glasses of wine to wash it down!

For the rest of the weekend, I didn't eat too well either. I ate nachos at the cinema on Sat and had a roast yesterday including roast potatos and pigs in blankets!

I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful and now after my relapse I am back on the diet today.

A question to any one who reads this.... How is it possible to keep on track on the weekends? I am quite deciplined during the week when I have a routine to stick to but OMG this weekend seemed impossible!


taking one day at a time
glad yopu enjoyed your weekend I am the same at weekends its th worst time for me but I try keep syns as low as possible during the week then have a flexi day on a saturday say where you give yourself 40 syns and stick to that .I am only new to the plan so maybe one off the more experienced will be able to help but good luck x
I agree with Mummy2beslim...keep your syns low during the week and then you can have a flexi syn allowance over the weekend and not feel that you have completely pigged out and ruined your diet.
I will have a Green Day on the Sat, so that I can have quorn sausages, baked beans, fried potatoes, mushrooms and egg for breakfast (all free on Green) and this keeps me full up! On a Red weekend morning, I would have Morrisons low fat pork sausages (free), bacon, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes and egg (all free) and again this keeps me so full I dont even want to think about cheating!
Thanks for the tip. x

12/01/2009 - Green day

Breakfast - 2 x banana and a muller light yogurt

Lunch - Jacket pot and beans

Snacks - Mini ryvitas - 6 x extra light laughing cow cheese, a punnet of blueberries and an apple.

Tea - Quorn and veg stir fry on noodles.
Thanks for the tip. x

12/01/2009 - Green day

Breakfast - 2 x banana and a muller light yogurt

Lunch - Jacket pot and beans

Snacks - Mini ryvitas HeB - 6 x extra light laughing cow cheese HeA, a punnet of blueberries and an apple.

Tea - Quorn and veg stir fry on noodles.

Where is your other HeB today Hun?? Other than that looking good!
Perfect!!!!! Lol!!
You must think Im a right moany cow! Lol

Breakfast - Muller light yogurt, a banana and 4 Satsumas

Lunch - Brown Bread Roll (HEB) 6 x extra light laughing cow cheeses (HEA) - cherry tomatos

Snacks - More satsumas

Tea - Prawn (HEB) and Courgette taglitelli.
Sorry Mrs V - Only just noticed your message of yesterday. I definately do not think you are a moany cow - I really appreciate the help; I am already planning my big breakfasts for the weekend x
Breakfast - Muller rice(?SYNNS), Bananas, apple and orange

Lunch - brown roll (HEB) 6 x extra light laughin cow cheese (HEA) ,Cherry Toms

Tea - Makerel(HEB), roasted veg and mash potatoes.