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Day 3 and let myself down


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No, it shouldn't make too much of a difference. Please don't beat yourself up, just get back on plan. You CAN do it!
I did exactly the same thing in first week only I came off for 3 days and ate crisps toast chocolate and biscuits :( back on day 2 now so just forget the blip look at some b4 and after pics and it makes you realise why you wanted to do this diet in the first place.

good luck :)
I doubt if it would cause any great problems with weight loss.
If you are struggling wit abstinence, then please contact your CDC with regard to a food plan - SS+ will allow you a small meal once a day and the weight loss is virtually, if not the same, as Sole Source.
just draw a line under it christa and keep on going. no point in dwelling on it because that leads to giving up completely. drink plenty of water and just keep going!! you'll still have an amazing loss. you could have done a lot more damage. and i agree that you should talk to your cdc about ss+ :)

abz xx
i am on the 1000 plan. ss didn't agree with me in any form whatsoever. i had constant totm and my hormones went mental. this isn't usual though. ha. they are still trying to work out what went wrong. i was a monster!! also my ticker shows my pre-holiday weight loss, hee. so i'm on day one today of losing those extra lbs!! hopefully they'll drop off fast.

you will do brilliantly christa. if you are finding it difficult then by all means go on ss+. the losses are the same. the difference is all about preference. will you find it easier to have total abstinence and not have any food at all, or will you find it easier to look forward to a small piece of chicken with some salad on an evening? it's totally up to you? i chose ss because i thought if i had a bit i would end up having a lot. then it turned out i had to move up the plans in any case, slowing my loss slightly, but i'm still going strong :)

abz xx
what is the 1000 plan - i am going to see the cdc on sat - will ask then if i can change to the ss+ - i am really going to miss my wine and take away at the weekend - what do you do to get over the weekend - think i will go mad - christa


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Sounds like you have kind of started SS+ already, thats pretty much what I have.

Hope you get it sorted. Honest, it gets easier, then it's like giving up smoking, will power!
I started on SS+ and the small meal at night really helped me stay on track, I'm now on 810 so it's a slightly bigger meal in the evening, great if you need to have a meal at night and stops me thinking about food knowing I can have something in the evening.

Try getting the water flavourings from CDC - they're great for adding a bit of variety to plain water. I find weekends the same as weekdays, as I have the meal each day.....you'll find you won't miss the wine after a few good week's of losses....good luck with CDC.
the 1000 plan takes you out of ketosis and you eat 1000 cals a day approximately. it's very regimented though. you are only allowed certain amounts of certain foods and you still have two cambridge products a day. it allows you a little bit more freedom. the losses are slower though. i would like to ss but like i said before, my body wasn't happy with that decision hard as i tried. i stopped losing weight, ha. but that is very unusual and i lose well on the 1000 plan :) ss+ sounds like a sensible place to start hon. did you not get given a couple of booklets when you started explaining all the plans? the cambridge diet website explains it all if you want to check that out. and there is a sticky on this forum somewhere telling you about all the different plans i think.

abz xx

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