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Day 3, blues setting in..


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Hi everyone,

Well today is day 3, I was ok this morning but now I feel tired, headachy and generally :(, I'm not hungry tho, just blahhhhh!

I saw my CDC today for the first time, all went well, tried the Apple and Cinnamon porridge and it was a godsend, I <3 IT!

I have lost 6lb in 2 days so thats not bad. (Altho I thought I'd lost 9 cos I keep weighing myself on mine, my friends and my CDC scales so I was a little disappointed that its more like 6 than 9....)

I know I am being silly.. I have SO much weight to loose and it's hard cos I keep thinking about how long I am gonna be on this, I am trying to think about just getting it off stone by stone... but it's hard!!!!!

Anyway enough of moaning... :wave_cry:
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You know why you're down? Because you left me :)

Sweetie, you have lost the same amount in 2 days as I have in a week! That's amazing and I am jealous! Stop thinking of the long term and take each day as it comes, you have done it and will again xxxxx


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Needy needy bombeedy! Yea I know, it's Batlo withdrawl syndrome!!
Sorry I only came on for a min and then watched a film...
I will respond soon my friend! Xx


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Batlo! ha ha you Jerry! Shall I start calling you starry t?! xx


WILL be Slim!
Day 4 will rock hun so hang on in there!

I have never had so much energy as i do with this diet...and i love the simplicity of it all...just grab a packet and i'm done! No more slaving in the kitchen for me! :)

Stick with it...your doing super! and on the WI front, you can weigh yourself 52 times a day if thats how you need it to be, just make sure you only listen to your cdc's scales as they are the ones your measuring against from day one...that will teach you not to get your hopes up...i thought i would have lost 1lb MAX this week (Despite being 100%) and went and lost 4lbs!!! so just goes to show that i can work in your favour too!!! :)

Im feeling almost completely the same! But im starving.. am on day two though! Hoping things will be ok tomoro though... I think i may be stronger if im not hungry. :) My mind keeps wandering like yours does about how long you are going to be on this, its difficult but so many people talk about how it gets easier and u get energy as soon as the ketosis kicks in so i am holding on for that!! Well done on ur weight loss, im trying to hold out until my first WI! :)
Jess. x


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when i was on day three i was a grumpy cow and i didn't beleive it could get better but waking up on day 4 i felt great so hang on in there xx


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Thanks hunnies!!! Hahah Batlo if you wish to call me Starry from now on feel free, altho I do like my other pet names you have for me.... Jerry... Tu... Biz....

Hi Jess, I know it seems like an Eternity doesn't it, but I am feeling a bit more positive now, hang in there chickers it will get easier, I don't feel too bad now I have had some paracetamol. Don't feel hungry as such just like I am missing out,,, it'll all be worth it in the long run!!! Just think, if it was Weight Watchers we'd be here til we are 50 trying to loose weight! LOL :D - we can do.... we all can!!!!!

I decided to start on SS and my first day was Friday, I didn't see my CDC til today for my first appointment, just wanted to do my first 2 days to make sure my mind was in the 'right' place before I commited to doing it... and the first 3 days haven't been that bad (apart from todays headache)

The Apple and Cinnamon porridge is AMAZING!!!! I love it! Filled me up quite a bit, my best friend helped me get it right and added some extra cinnamon to it!! Was Yummer!!

Hi Kerry, I feel better now, was a temporary moaning sesh... lol... not been too hungry really, thank god! Well done to you so far on keeping strong and getting on with it!!!! Here's to the first WI!!! WHOOP! I can't wait!

:wow: Well done LizzMB on your loss!!!
I know what you mean, I think my scales are about the same as my CDC so I will just go from hers.



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no probs i find 5-7pm the hardest but then i am ok we are all doing well and its nice that lots of us are in th early stages together and we have the pleasure of the help from the been here a whilers hehehe
Yea I agree, lots of newbies together, bless us!! xx
Day three was a killer for me too! I can honestly promise that it does pass and gets much easier, but you need to keep the painkillers close to hand and focus on why you are doing this!! Good luck.

Ellie xx
Thanks Ellie!!!!! I will keep it up! Good luck to you too! x


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Hey Tara..
just wanted to say hang in there hon your doing fab...........
Day 3 was my worst day...... I felt dizzy and just generally rubbish .. and I drank lots of water and took some neurofen . now on week 16 and have never looked back.. I have/had lots to lose too..... but it goes so so quickly .. Honestly it really does........
Stick with it hon its so worth it, it really is a fantastic diet and just come on here the support on this forum is amazing....... as we have all been there and are going through the same things..
Good luck your doing fab x
I love that so many of us have started at the same time. :) Its nice to know other people are going through the same as me!. I know my flatmates are here for me but its very difficult for them to understand! Plus i dont want to bore them senseless constantly going on about CD!. :p

Jess. x
Thanks curly wurly, it's not been too bad,,, hope I'm still saying that in 4 months time, lol :D

Jess, I totally know what you mean, it's ok for me tho as my best friend is on it too, but I'd be lost during the day without the forums!!! It takes my mind of eating lol x
yay... so you'll get all the newbie questions then LOL! it'll be good to have some extra support!! x
I have had a week off an am actually looking forward to going back to work as my colleagues are doing it too!! How sad!
Nice new pic Curly! x
Yea, I think it helps if your with people who are also doing it, I was made redundant so at the minute I am a lazy bum, lol, :fingerscrossed: it won't be for long! the boredom is emmense!
Yea, I think it helps if your with people who are also doing it, I was made redundant so at the minute I am a lazy bum, lol, :fingerscrossed: it won't be for long! the boredom is emmense!
I bet! What is it you do? x

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