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Day 3 horrors

Hi guys I had an awful day yesterday... it was my second day and work was hectic.. I am a designer in a mag in Ireland and we were going to print so did not get a moment to stop to have my lunch shake and drank very little water and I know that is a big no no... got very emotional by 7 pm and when I got home at 8 I had my lunch shake and my dinner shake... didnt feel the best so went to bed... but had plenty of water last night ... today i am starving... had a strawberry shake for brekkie... need some motivation please!!!
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:needhug:today is day 4 for me and i know exactly how you feel. last night i was just in tears for no reason!! felt like packing it in and eating something nice
i went out to a club (not being able to drink ) and just had such a bad time , my friends arent being very supportive you see , i think it's because there jealous of the fact that in a few weeks time my body will be better than theres?
anyway the point is just keep focused were all in the same boat and you just have to think how much going through all this will be worth it!!!;) XX
ya you are right aurorax.. fair play to you going out... I would rather not than be tempted like that... We I have to go to a friends going away party tomorro night but I will literally stick my head in and say hey for an hour or so then head.. Its bad on your friends not being supportive... I must say my friends have been great.. my boyfriend has not even eaten in front of me the last 3 days!! Bless!! Thank you for your support
aww! haha thats so sweet of him bless ;) well your very lucky that you have that support and even more reason to keep focused! i know after we get through the first full week things will get alot easier !! I dont think ive ever been this determined in my whole life about anything so if i can do it then you can too XX
Hi guys welcome it does get easier believe me your moods are all over the place during the first few days I started to feel human again after day 5 which is when most people hit ketosis, after that well its all downsizing from there. You are both doing great just get through the first week and you will realise what an amazing diet this is xx
Hi hun you will do as well if you stick to it, everyone has fantastic losses on this diet and everyone is really supportive on here. If you are struggling or just need a moan come on here and everyone will help you along the way xx
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I felt terrible ThinnerLu on day 3, was ready to give up, I had a blip and ate a bowl of porridge but i'm on day 6 now and feel fine.
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I'm on Day 5 & I too nearly gave up on Day 3, but its really worth sticking to it. Feel tons better today, not hungry & quite a lot of energy which is surprising given that we're only having about 400 cals. It's by far the best diet I've been on, & I've tried them all!!!


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Keep goin' Ladies, it really does get easier and the losses make it so worthwhile. I've never had this much success before. Good luck to you all xxxx
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Good luck to you all. I'm with Cathy, it does get easier - it must - there's no way I would have coped with nearly 30 weeks otherwise! The results are what keeps you going. I'm loving the lighter feeling when I walk as well as being able to buy clothes in shops I want to shop in not ones I have to shop in!!!!!! (Or I would if I had the money!)



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I'm only on day one, but i'd say stick with it and work through the bad days and just remember why you're doing it. Big hugs!:grouphugg: :)
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Day 3 and it's hell !!! Family are having usual Sunday foodfest and I am hibernating in my room. Good thing is that I hit ketosis last night. A tad early I thought being only Day 2 but I was working all weekend so maybe exercise brings it on early. Who knows. Anyway I think this should be the worst of the hunger pangs today so I'll try not to moan anymore.
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hi guys as cathy and cuddlyfairy say it does get easier the first 7 days are really hard but when you have your wi the results will be worth
keep strong and drink plenty of water

xx Sharron
how do you know when you have hit ketosis , im on day three today and have been really hungry , an having loads of water and peppermint tea and black coffee , how do you feel once your over the first few days ???
it feels great ,, after day 4 it does get easier and that sluggish feeling goes ,, its like bouncing on air i guess lol ,, sometimes i think im hungry but its just thirst . well done once u are over day 3 it does get easier

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