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Day 3 - Tearful, Shaky, Scared, Glad!

Hi guys.

Im on Day 3 and feeling very odd.
Ive done this before and remember feeling like this on day 3 last time and I got over it but still....feel really weird.

I weighed myself this morning and I'd lost 4lbs, which Im absolutely thrilled with. My fiance is doing it with me and he's lost 4lbs too. We're both estatic.

But I burst into tears straight after! I dont know why, Im so silly.

Im also feeling really lethargic and shaky. Im freezing and Ive got pins and needles.

The last time I was on Day 3, someone in my old work asked if I was drunk because I was slurring so much!!!

When I reattempted CD last year I had to stop after day 3 because I fainted!

Ive started LT this week on a day off, so I can get through the groggy first week without worrying about it. But Im so scared to go back to work now, My job is so busy and I barely have time to go to the loo and access to water is minimal.

How does everyone manage it?

Im so glad Ive done LT though and Im glad Im on here, reading everyone's stories has given me the strength to continue with this.

Thanks for all your stories.
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Aww you will get through it like you know you can....I try and get nearly a litre down me before I go to work (2 large (300ml) glasses of water and a large mug(300ml) of green tea(total 900). Then I take a 2 litre bottle with me and decant it into a small sports bottle (500ml) and keep it close at hand. I have half of the sports bottle before my shake and half after. Then soon as home a mug of peppermint tea (300) at home have the last shake with a glass of water (600) before and after. That gets me 3.8 litres pretty easy. As for being busy in work..I work in an A&E department so I do understand the loo thing...
Aw thanks that's made me feel loads better. I work in a hospital too on the wards (Im an SHO) so Im proper panicking about fainting on ward rounds!!!
ah well I understand the time pressures there (I am a nurse)...do they have the water dispensers around ..if they do just make it a habit to take a cup each time you pass one
by the way I am in Liverpool so in the same region:)
Oooh im in Liverpool too! Which hosp do you work in? Im in Aintree.

They do have the water dispensers but they're right next to the sink so all that germ-ridden water gets splashed all over it...just looking at it makes me VOM! lol.

Im made up a fellow hosp worker is doing it, I fainted in theatres last year on it and just thought anyone who works the crazy hours we do cant do these diets but Im more hopeful now!!!


is loving the soup?!
I'm on Day 3 today as well. I've actually almost caved in about 5 times today. I feel absolutely dreadful and am more hungry than I ever remember being in my life. I nearly wrestled some food out of my husband's hand earlier! However...I'm proud I've got this far, and lucky I guess that this is the first day I've really found hard...and I'm determined to do it. I'm not able to think rationally enough at this point to think about the reasons I want to do this, etc, so I am going with being stubborn...I've given up at EVERYTHING else I've done about my weight, so I have to do this or I'm never going to be slim...and I just want to prove to myself I can!
ALL THE BEST...you can get through this and you will be feeling fabulous soon x
Am in Aintree tooooooooooooooooo
hi im on day four and was feeling exactly the same i am starting to feel much more human again now ive started it on a week off as i am also a nurse and was worried about the long hours stood on your feet all day ect.
It will pass and get better xx Keep it up
blimey look at all us doctors and nurses with weight trouble makes me wonder what impact work has had on us gaining weight...I know the shifts never used to help with other diets I tried.
Well I lost my weight last year just before I qualified and managed to keep most of it off until 6 months into the job when I switched to Medicine, the shifts killed me and I had 2 terrible rotations which drove me straight to the biscuit tin. We try to keep people healthy but dont look after ourselves!!!

Im on ward 19 if you ever want to visit :D Mind you, Im on call for AED soon, it might be a weekend coming up. If you're on we can have our shakes together and moan about how many times we have to go to the skanky staff bogs, lol!:D

And Ive got AED for my last rotation, you wont be able to get rid of me from april - july!!!!

Ive just gotten back from town today and felt blumming awful. I was this close to wrestling the Gregg's Pasties out of people's hands and I was nearly crying seeing all the pretty youngies in their skinny outfits and to think I used to be one of them *sobs*

But I;ll get there....WE ALL WILL!!!

Laura xxx


is loving the soup?!
Glad I'm not the only one who feels terrible seeing the youngsters (lol I'm only 27)
The odd thing is, some of them actually treat you like dirt if you're less-than-svelte. I feel like telling them I used to be one of them, and they might feel like I do one day...but it's not worth bothering lol
hi Laura how you feeling now? would be good to say hi in work sometime:)
Im feeling much better actually tonight. Although I am desperately craving food, Im chugging the water and enjoying watching my new Sex and The City DVD. I can feel in my cheekbones that Im thinner and I believe I can do it.

Im just hoping tomorrow I'm still feeling positive!!!!! Im sure I will.

Thanks for all the support xxx
Hospital staff are among the unluckiest when it somes to controlling weight! My OH is an auxiliary nurse and has said for years that loads of nurses (and docs) struggle becuase patients give their unwanted sweeties well meaning visitors bring, families give sweeties and biscuits as thank yous, constantly on your feet means constant dips in energy and blood sugar means constant cravings for sugar. Taking care of others means less focus on YOU. Its awful. He's struggling to get going this time on lt because of this too.

I hope it gets easier for you all and you back to the stage where you can smirk at the younger skinnies! Hey -by then you'll know something they dont! You know how to watch your weight whilst they might have this whole struggle ahead of them the smug wee sh1ts mwahahahaha ;)
Day 4

Hey guys.

I've not long woken up (Im on my last day off, its allowed) and feeling a bit better. Less headachy, a little bit less shaky and with a more positive outlook on things.

I dreamt last night that I had cheated and had eaten some sweets and I woke myself up because I felt so guilty! See...that's how I know cheating isnt worth it, because it'll haunt me even in my dreams!

I would never cheat anyway, I weighed myself again and Ive lost another lb taking me to 5lbs lost in 3/4 days!!! Im estatic! My fiance has lost 7lbs in the same time frame...its not fair men lose it quicker but Im ever so proud of him. We're going to look fab on our wedding day now! Its 11 weeks to go to our big day and we are not going to be big anymore to match the big day.

Right. My first shake of the day and a small ocean's worth of water calls!

Have a good day lipotrimmers!!!


is loving the soup?!
That's fantastic Laura! No, you'll both be svelte on your special day, it's going to be great.
Keep going Laura I am sitting here in jeans I couldn't even fasten last week with a 6 pack...ok a 6 pack of muffin tops but at least I can breathe in them lol
Glad you're feeling better chicken. Hopefully the remaining symptoms will disappear soon :) Nearly done with your blinkie...
Sore Tummy

I spoke to soon.

Feeling a bit lightheaded but not bothered about that.

What am bothered is the big attack of diarrhoea Ive just had (sorry, gross, I know)

Its my own fault. Ive been having the Cambridge Diet Sunshine Orange water mix with my water and well, Ive had a lot of it and it used to happen to me when I had loads.

Im now tucked up in bed feeling sorry for myself whilst my OH laughs it up downstairs watching Sky Sports News.

I supposed its revenge for making him watch the SATC DVD twice!

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