Day 3


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well done hun and good luck through your l/t journey xx


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well done thats great ;) best of luck for rest of week


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Well done...I think once you get past the first few days, it seems a little easier....just keep thinking and looking forward to WI Day!


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You should be proud of yourself, its such a hard diet and you have proved you can do it again! When you did it before and know how tough it can be it does make it hard to start again, so well done!!


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Well done Vicky!!!!!


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well done, i'm struggling to get past day one!


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Well guys,ive done it.Ive survived the first few days :) im so proud of myself.Everytime ive tryed to restart ive never lasted to day 2.
Icant wait to watch the pounds fly off again.
Good luck all you restarters!

Well done. I'm on day 3 today after restarting (put on 1 st). You have inspired me to get through today.