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Day 3

Hi I'm day 2 just finished. Not too bad been a bit hungry but water and coffee have helped I also cut my bar in half so I could have it at different times. The chicken soup was lovely. Here's to a good day tomorrow!!! See if mr ketosis arrives fingered crossed.


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I'm just finishing Day 2! Know exactly what you're talking about, having all the same feelings and STARVING...have stuck to it 100% and have only had shakes, no bars, hoping Ketosis starts tomorrow x Will keep you updated!
Hi Chel,
Im on Day 8 now, but Day 3 was really awful for me too. Luckily I went into ketosis on Day 4, and it gets so much easier. Im never hungry now, infact the packs & bars fill me up so much now that I have to have rest for about half an hour afterwards, otherwise I feel a bit sick. Anytime you feel hungry just remember to drink more water, it really helps. And if you really need something else have a small glass of coke zero, as it doesnt knock you out of ketosis. Good Luck & keep with it. Its definately worth it xxx
Thank you it helps to know your not on your own. I was fine on day 2 so hopefully I'll go into ketosis on day 4. Found myself drooling at pork lol I don't even eat pork x


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Day 3 is the absolute pits - this is the third time I've done VLCD and it never gets easier. I find the best thing to do is have an early night and then magically you may be in ketosis tomorrow :D xx


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Oh NO! I'm on Day 3 tomorrow :( Not looking forward to it now...I suppose I should just reschedule anything where I have to actually concentrate or stand up for long periods of time ;) Going to take to the couch with a movie for Day 3 I think! x


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Yeah, I'm on Day 3 and whilst I'm pretty motivated, I'm also really lethargic and feeling a bit tearful. Hoping that by tomorrow, I'll be okay but Friday nights are always a real struggle for me on VLCD - I really miss the booze and as I'm here for the long term, I can't afford to ruin it on one night - plus one night becomes a bit into the next day and then I'll wait til Monday and then I don't have any water in…

Quite worried though cos has been TOTM from Day 1 so might not see a big loss for first week which I have found motivating in the past!


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Oh but Nonniebear that means you'd have a nice big loss in week two! Just try and stay focused and positive and avoid the booze like the plague...x
Thanks Wkdstepmum - nice pants! :D


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Ha!!! Thanks :) x


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Hey sammy, I was on day 3 yesterday and it was actually the worst day by far so far, I had the worst headache, felt like a migraine and I felt so sick I actually thought I would throw up at one point lol. Hopefully today will be better for us both, I STILL don't feel in ketosis yet though :/ but, at least at work there is a water machine literally about 5 steps away, so I'll just keep chipping away at that today, that gives me some comfort lol


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God Aaron, I'm on day 3 now! Hope it's nowhere near as bad :( Not looking forward to what the day might bring... just going to keep myself busy so it's Saturday before I know it! :)


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This is Day 2 for me, in all honesty I am not that hungry and I usually have my butties around 12ish in work. Gonna push my exante bar back until 2ish.

Hopefully Day 3 will be the same.....


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I am a bit headachy already on Day 3 but to be fair I think the side effects all depend on the lifestyle you had before Exante...I was a carbaholic so my body is missing them... Hopefully you'll be fine AMW!x
I am also a carbaholic (a big part of this is red wine!) so I am finding it difficult, even now I'm in ketosis and my hair is falling out!

I'm sure it just takes a few days to adjust :)