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Day 3

So im at the end of day 3 on my THIRD restart and im doin ok :D. bastards keep cooking really nice smelling food lol i have just been in my room for the past few days so avoid the temptation. The only problem im having and its the same problem i have everytime, and thats the water, i can never drink enough :(

So yeah....someone chat to meeeeee :D:D
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done for resisting!! :) need to get some flavours from your CDC for that water ;). Do you drink tea at all? thinking peppermint or something?

Also.. add more water to your shakes.. I have hot shakes (chocolate etc) which I split with half a pint each time ;) works well - bit like options. :) Soup I do the same.. like cuppa soup! ;)

All counts toward your water intake..

Hows the weather down by you? I'm driving down on tuesday with my family :) staying in Berko for 2 nights :) Will have to be strong with shakes (tetra's and bars) as normally we eat out for 2 meals a day!! :rolleyes: will be great to catch up with mates.
I know what you're saying about the water. I used to love it and drink loads, but now that I'm supposed to, I can barely drink a litre! That's not including my shakes but I need to drink more.

It's too cold here to have icey water, which I love. Roll on summer!!!


Helsinki Vampire
Your not the only one struggling to drink water.:rolleyes: It's a complete chore! The more you drink the worse it tastes too! Bleughhhhhhhhhhhhh:9529:

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I can't wait for summer either.. so I can make slush puppies with juice that is ok of course! :8855:I add ice to my shakes.. as extra water.. but get brain freeze at the moment!! kind of a natural 'high' is how I look at that! :angeldevil:


Helsinki Vampire
Eughhhh brain freeeeeze!:strikeout_button:I hate that! Feels like your eyes are going to pop out of your head:eek:
Brain freeze sucks :( lol
*drinks water* woop lol


Helsinki Vampire
I havn't had even a sip of water yet today:rolleyes:... I just can't face it yet!:eek: lol!