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Hi everyone

This is my very 1st time to put something on this, prob not do it right but i'm sure you will all keep me right:)...Just reading through all the threads and they have been so motivating... Its amazing the results that can be achieved through this.

On day 3, feel pretty sick and miserable, have sore throat and i dont know if it has something to do with this diet or whether it is an actual illness, whatever it is, its making me very miserable...

Anyway, going to keep reading on, and stay focused and fight through it... as i am desperate..

Weighed in at 14stone 3lbs, would like to get to around 11 and half stone, then review targets...

The hardest part for me i think is that i waitress part time, tommorow, day 4 i start work at 12 until finish probably half 10... The people I work with are not very nice and to put it nicely they are a pack of *****es, the last thing i want to be doing is giving them something to sneer at, ***** about and basically laugh at... I know in the end i will have the last laugh but i really do not feel ready to be mixing up my shakes in front of everyone...i'm quite a private person anyway,so i'm worried about how i will last the day without eating, especially since i'm not feeling good now...

My other question, is exactly how much water in pint form should you drink. Does anyone know does it work out as 8 pints? And more if u can...
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It works out around 6 pints of water.
It might be worth you trying the bars if you dont want to be mixing shakes in work, that way you could eat it without anyone noticing really. Dont you have a restroom where you can go and mix your shake? It would be a long time to go without if you cant have your drink.

You are right, you will have the last laugh, but please dont let them get to you. Good luck hun and keep logging on here for support.
ooooo thanks, there is a room, but its not really private... i think i might just ring in sick, i have never before so.... and then when i get weighed in thursday again i'll see about getting the bars... and see how that goes....

this is brilliant for support, i'm so glad i found it, thanks!!! xxxx


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Aww hun dont let them get to you! I know how difficult it is. When i first went on the diet years ago i didn't want anyone at uni to know what i was doing. I did what Kered has suggested, nipped to the loo, made my milkshake and then poured it into an empty water bottle. So no one saw the packet, or the shaker, or anything! No questions that way! As soon as i gained a bit more confidence with the weight coming off i didnt care and just had it as normal! Do whatever makes you feel best honey, you cant go all that time without having one, youll end up feeling tired and weak and its when you get to that point its so easy to cave in!xxx


I will be skinny again!!!
try not to let them get to you.

Can you go into the toiles and mix your shakes? Or maybe your car? or is there a staff room that will be empty??
hey gals thanks yeah i think it'll have to be a toilet trip lol to mix the shakes, its a shame i feel like that but i'm sure in time my confidence will grow an i wont give a toot... better still hopefully soon enough i wont be working there :D

Anyway, i reckon i will be practically addicted to this for the next 2 weeks anyway, its amazing to read others stories, the best motivation ever...
The bars take a bit of getting used to, dont think they will taste like a normal flapjack.......lol, but out of the 2 of them, I prefer the coconut one.


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Hope your feeling better today! You do get the odd day of feeling crappy on this! I had one the other day. Look those piggies in work will get a kick in the ass when the skinny you is whizzing around those tables looking fab! Hang in there hun!