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Day 39 and I've cheated :(


Skinny girl in a fat body
S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
I have decided I am not going to add-a-meal this week, next week or ever while I am on TS.

Due to c**p losses for the past 2 weeks I was considering adding a couple of allowed meals this week (or next). Anyway, came home tonight and had nothing in but those fish steak things in parsley sauce, you know the Youngs one's in a bag you put in the microwave for 4 mins? Well, they are only 97 calories so I put one of those in. I ate the fish and scraped the sauce off, the fish was lovely.

Well, that was it - I had tasted food :cry::cry: I have since had 2 slices of toast and 3 weetabix. I am gutted. I feel like making myself vomit and have admitted here what I have done so you can all shout at me and tell me to stop NOW. I will not eat now until 5th March - that's it. Now I know why I take food out of the equation altogether, I can't have a little bit, I have to pig out :wave_cry:
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Doing it exante style :)
S: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb
Right Lady, ur being told off!!! Hehe
Uve only done what most of us have done at some point! Nobodys perfect, apart from me :)
Now forget about it!!!! What's done is done, and no making urself sick either. Tomorrows a NEW day :)
Turn that frown upside down xx

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Skinny girl in a fat body
S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
Right Lady, ur being told off!!! Hehe

Nobodys perfect, apart from me :)
:D:D Thanks, that's just what I need. I don't feel good at the moment.


Gotta Make A Change
ain't going to shout at you because your gonna get yourself onto that wagon tomorrow and bang it out :)


Gold Member
S: 21st11lb C: 18st9lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 3st2lb(14.43%)
Indeed, the important thing is to learn from it. You know food doesn't work for you at the moment, so it's great that total solution allows you to avoid it and just get on with your weight loss. Keep your eyes on your goal, and you know you can get there!
Good luck xxx


Silver Member
S: 15st13lb C: 15st1lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st12lb(5.38%)
Dont beat yourself up over it!

Thats probably still under 1000 cals for the day, I know the carbs arent great but you havent ruined things, its not enough to totally mess up your whole weeks weight loss.

This diet is hard and you start to crave the simple things... its bound to happen, we arent machines, 39 days of 100% is amazing! Now put it behind you and focus on getting back on track and in 8 weeks time you could be at goal!

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