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Day 4 ATTACK... So far so good, what you think?


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Just wanted to ask for some advice really.
This is what I've had to so fay over the last few days, I said I would do attack as much as poss over but over the first three days I allowed myself one cheat a day, just to allow my body time to adjust to fewer carbs, tomorrow is officially day 1 of 7 on attack.

Day 1
B: Galette with 0% yog and a sprinkle of cinnamon
L: Lamb chops with any fat removed and an egg (Then realised I'm not allowed lamb at first)
D: Turkey meat balls

Snack: 2x muller light vanilla
Water: 2L plus many tea and coffee with skimmed milk and sweetener.

Day 2
B: Omlette with sliced ham + muller light with oat bran
L: 2x Chicken breasts with a topping of extra light philly.
D: Bowl of prawns

Snack 2x muller lights
Water 2L plus teas and coffees and a glass of pepsi max

Day 3
B: Omlette with ham + Muller light and oat bran
L: Muller light shake, made with a glass of skimmed milk.
D: Chicken and low fat cottage cheese

Snack a very thin slice of a friends birthday cake :cry:
Water 1.5L plus a few pepsi max

Day 4
B: Lean bacon and 2 fried eggs (with 1cal spray)
L: Muller light shake
D: Dukan meatballs with a tablespoon of tomato ketchup

Snack: another very small slither of left over birthday cake (all gone now)

Water 2L plus one glass pepsi max.

How does this look for first few days?
I was 13st13lbs on Friday morning, and this morning I was 13.7st but I know thats mostly water.
Im still reading the dukan book, just wanted to start ASAP as I'm off work for the month and thought nows the time to get on the wagon and don't have work as a distraction.

any comments or suggestions welcome!
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I know, but since I wasn't being a strict dukkaner to ease myself into it, I treat myself.
Come the morning if its not on the list, it won't pass my lips!


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oh sorry mis read your post...your doing attack now arent you...well good luck i finished attack last saurday and onto cruise now, hope you find attack ok, i did it for 5 days , day 2 was the worst for me, felt really tired and grumpy, but when i got passed that day i felt fine..

good luck and start a diary it keeps you motivated .xx


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I'm sorry but you'll not get into ketosis eating cake so, for an attack period, errr..., it's not a great success.

This diet doesn't allow for treats unfortunately - leastwise not the sort you've been having (even Philly lite isn't ok on attack, nor are Mullers).

Given the proximity to Christmas, why not consider yourself on a low calorie diet and do the best you can.

We'll reconvene in January!
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Good luck on attack. I have just finished attack and like Maddy1 found day 2 and 3 the hardest but it has been onwards and upwards since.


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Ok, just to clarify... I wasn't sticking to attack religiously, was just lowering my carbs but when it come to meal times I was trying to have dukan style meals. :p as of today there will be no cake, trust me!

I thought fruit free muller lights were ok?


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Ok, just to clarify... I wasn't sticking to attack religiously, was just lowering my carbs but when it come to meal times I was trying to have dukan style meals. :p as of today there will be no cake, trust me!

I thought fruit free muller lights were ok?
Hi hun. Have you read the book? It's sooooo much easier if you read it first and then it fits into place better when you are doing the diet. Here's what Dr D says....
So that the following instructions are clear, there are three sorts of 0 percent fat yogurt: (1) natural yogurt; (2) flavored yogurts (e.g.,coconut, vanilla, lemon); and (3) fruit yogurts, which have little bits
of fruit or a fruit purée base.
Natural and flavored yogurts are allowed without any restriction.
Nonfat fruit yogurts are allowed,but nomore than 8 ounces per day. However, if you want a lightning-fast start to your Attack phase diet, you are better off avoiding them altogether and even more so if you have hit a weight plateau.
Hope this helps chuck and keep us posted on how you're doing. There's a few on here who are experts (NOT ME!! ;)) at this way of eating so you'll get loads of help & encouragement :D
Jackie xx

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His advice on the official website evolves as (I presume) feedback on weight loss comes in and things he initially allowed freely in the UK (such as mullers) are now "tolerated items" in Cruise only, if one's happy with one's loss etc etc bla bla.

Check out our FAQ section - it's probably not completely up to date, but updating them with his ever changing advice would be a full time job! Most of us here have found our weight loss stalls with them so best stay away if you're looking for a fast weight loss! (Total 0% are the ones, or buy quark and flavour it yourself)


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Well done for a great start, I think you have done amazing. The rule book for Dukan is v strict and specific and until you know it inside out pitfalls are easy eg Mullers etc. Sadly Maintainer has beady eyes that pick up every thing - LOL - though without her I think I would have gone awry a few more times than I have - and blimmin heck she is always right!!!. Well done again, not jealous of the birthday cake atall!!! LOL x


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didnt know muller stall your weight ive been having one every day, dont weigh in till saturday so if things have gone wrong i know now what to leave out the diet x


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Hey crew, good effort but unfortunately as other have pointed out this diet need an all or nothing commitment. However I have thought of something else that might make it harder on you now - you have already done a few days on 'near attack' ie no veg (hardly ANY fibre), even though with the cake and ketchup you sabotaged the effects that should have shocked your body into diet mode in that time. Now you propose to carry on attack for ANOTHER 7 days? I would question the wisdom of that, from a digestive point of view: you really need some veg by then end of 5 days or so, I would echo Maintainer and suggest you switch to cruise sooner rather than later or stick with a low cal approach along dukan principles - and get yourself through the Christmas period and then reconvene in January for a proper Attack.


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I plan on doing cruise from today, and ill probably do that till xmas, with no treats!! and ill allow myself one days grace on xmas day only, but nothing over the top!
Its also going to give me time to finish reading the book.

I took advice regarding the mullers, I went on dukan website and bought a few aromas and the cocoa powder. Have tried total 0% and a bit of blackberry flavouring and a sprinkle of splendar and its just as good as a muller, plus i don't really like vanilla or toffee anyway


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I admire your determination Crew so GOOD LUCK! I know that *I* will have trouble staying sensible over Christmas.... though I did manage to get through it unscathed last year whilst on Conso.