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Day 4 - Getting there thankgod !!


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Morning everyone

Well im on my Day 4 today and Im feeling ok I think, Im finding that I feel a little dizzy, is this supposed to happen?? Im in work today as well which im dreading more than anything as I cant use a whisk to mix my shake and dont like any bits in it at all, so might wait until I finish work to have it (if i can last that long)...

I tried the Hot Choc last night and it didnt go down well, I couldnt stand it to be honest and really couldnt drink it, ive never been so hungry as I was last night, I was in a foul mood and just didnt talk to anyone but I made it through the evening and got up feeling alot better today !!!

Just going to take it one day at a time !!!

Good Luck everyone whatever day your on, were all gonna be skinny soon..

1st Goal - Lose 1st
2nd Goal - Lose 2st
3rd Goal - Fit in a size 14 .
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Well done on getting through it. You'll nearly in ketosis and it does get easier after that.


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yes well done! it sounds like you had a tough time so well done for sticking with it.

i get dizzy often too - if i stand up to quick, or if exercising. i think its quite normal as lots of people have mentioned it. but just take it easy - you are only having about 450 calories a day so you will be a little weaker than normal - but soon you'll find loads more energy and you will feel better.

good luck hun xxx


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S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)
Thanks for your help, as long as dizzyness is something that we all get then im fine with that - lol.

Ive never drank so much water in my life though so im hoping for clear skin and everything. Im just praying that I can find the willpower to keep going and soon be slim !!!

Thanks for all the help though ppl as I wouldnt have got through the last few days without you all x x


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sounds like ketosis kicking in, I'm in week 2 now and honestly it does get much much easier, just make sure you have your 3 shakes (I blend in food processor with lots of ice, makes nicer) and lots and lots of water and I know you'll be great


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S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)
Thankyou becky, I will add some ice to mine tonight I think, and thanks for the advice, Im really hoping that I am in Ketosis now thats what Im waiting for, but I pleased with myself for not so much as putting anything in my mouth so far that Im not allowed - lol


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Hi Blondie

Sorry to hear you found it horrid the hot choc...I havent ever tried it as it just doesnt appeal to me.

I think you need to get yourself a shaker. I use this at work and when I am out and I never get any bits in it at all.

Just make sure you have really cold water as shakes are not so nice with luke warm water..YUK....I dont have a problem at all with not using a hand blender at work.

The shaker has a little sieve in the top so it must help to break down any lumps..but honestly, I would be the same with lumps - it would make me feel sick.....but nice and smooth with the shaker.

Hope you have a better day,,,you are doing so well considering the struggle you are having with the shakes, etc.!!

Take care


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S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)
Thanks Scotmist, Im off to get a shaker after work, so far so good today though Im coping on water and black coffee with a sweetener and im finishing in a hour and a half.. this time last wk id of had a sandwich and a bar of chocolate by now so im chuffed to have lasted without it - lol.

I dont mind the shakes cold but yes the hot choc was a no go for me, tasted awful hot, but im gonna have a soup tonight i think, I can just about stomach them.. Roll on my weigh in when I can get some flapjacks, just hoping that I can eat them ok with no problems as they would make this diet so much easier i think.

Thanks for the help though guys im so determinde now to get to wk1 weigh in.

4stone to go so here goes !!


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Hi Blondie,
congrats on sticking with it, you are almost in ketosis now and nearly at that first weigh in. Once you step on the scales you will almost forget about the hard week you put down. Wishing you all the best, buy the shaker pronto. Good luck.

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