day 4 no carbs, but is this atkins?


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 0st2lb(1%)
hi everyone ive been gaining and loosing for years! 3 kids later its not as easier as before. ive tried WW, SW, a few tablets(rubbish!) the gym (yuk!) and atkins - ish!(could never fully stick to it)
ive started on monday and cut out the main carbs (bread/rice/pasta/flour/sugar/pots) but saying that 2 haribo sweets entered my mouth and i thought, this isnt a carb! but forgot about the sugar thing! have headaches from afternoon onwards but they go on drinking a bottle of water. dodgy tummy in the moring but not to offending! and i have enegry horray! but how do i know if im in ketosis? without trying to get hold of those strips? heres my menu over last few days, please point out any non atkins activity! (lost 2lb so far :(
day 1 - oat cereal (no sugar or fruit, just pecans/seeds) skimmed ,milk. (please no eggs and i dont eat bacon.
chicken breast and veg in tom sauce
2 babybel cheese and cashew nuts
3 chicken legs (snack)
chick breast and augerguine and salad with yoghurt for dinner.
(sick of chicken after that day!)

day 2 - oat cereal
skinny hot choc (snack)
veg soup and 3 chicken nible bits
babybel cheese
tea with skimmed milk
salmon fillet, avacado salad and yoghurt as a dressing
2 pieces of dark choc
can of diet iron bru/tea/1ltr water

day3 - oat cereal
humous and celery and 2 oat cakes
2 x chicken thigh with avacado/yoghurt mixed
3 small lamb burgers with cheese on with onins , mashed avacado and side of sweetpotatoe/squash/red cabbage roasted veg.
can of diet iron bru
tea and 1ltr water

day4 so far!
oat cereal
2 babybel light
1 apple (needed sweet!)
1 piece of tikka chicken piece dipped in natural yoghurt (snack)
2 eggs scrambled in 1tsp butter + 2 slices sm salmon with lemon squeeze. (feel sick after eggs! yuk, def miss toast with them)
tea x 2 cups, diet iron bru x 1 can (to put sweet craving under bay)
tonight im cooking butter beans/chick thigh/corgettes/tom stew.

what do you think? i know its not perfect atkins but do you think i could get in to ketosis on this menu? thanks guys :)
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It's unlikely. The oat cereal, yogurt, skimmed milk, apple and skinny hot choc will be high carb and probably keep you out of ketosis. If you have a high carb tolerance rate you might just be in it.

What veg do you have in your salad?
Oh, tomato, squash, onion and sweet potato will be causing problems, too.

That said, if you don't mind a slow rate of loss, it's a healthy looking medium carb menu.


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The chocolate and Irn Bru will affect you getting into ketosis too


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st6lb Loss: 0st2lb(1%)
omg! what a nightmare, i dont think atkins is for me then, i cant bare the thought of only eating omlettes and meat! im craving for fruit! i thought by cutting out the main carbs that it would make a huge difference? i have to substitute potatoes with something (squash, sweet pots, swede) and flour based sauces with yoghurt , and i need a little bit of sweet to get me through the day (skinny hot choc or peice of dark choc). thinik im going to look at food combining diet instead (carb meal, protein meal), then i can have a bit of everything. thanks guys.x