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Day 4 - struggling

Hi, im new to this site, so bare with me!

I started the CD on friday (7th march), so that makes today my 4th day. Im on SS. Ive been fine all day up untill now, i really feel like i need to give up and go back to eating. I am in ketosis, was yesterday too, so im not physically hungry im just mentally wanting food and i dont know how to block it out. My family had kebabs for tea tonight, i stayed upstairs out of the way but it still made me think about yummy foods.

I have been really good with my water, drinking 4 litres a day. I have 3 shakes a day and have lost around 7lbs (from my usual mornin weight), but i cant help but think about food and how crazy this diet is.

Can anyone suggest any drinks i could have? Im sick to death of water, and i am craving juice like you wouldnt believe. I also used to have alot of milk in my tea, obv cant have that - have tried black tea & coffee but hate them both + dont like any leaf teas. Am i just about stuck??

Im aiming for a 2 and a half stone weight loss. But can i really go without food for that long??

One more thing - i was naughty and cheated for the first time today, i had half a malted milk biscuit. Will that throw me off ketosis now ive done something so stupid?

Ohhh days, sorry to moan. Its not a good evening! :(
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Hi Empeey

:angeldevil:DONT GIVE UP.......... I felt exactly the same as you and I had a blip and ate at least 10 quality street chocs on day 5 but .........................I went for my first weigh in today and lost 12 1/2lbs :party0011: and if it wasn't for the fab people on here I would have given up.

Have you tried Boullion its a hot vegetable drink I had a few of these last wk to keep me going. It really is mind over matter especially at the weekends!!!

Keep going it will all be so worth it xxx
The next couple of days are the worst, then things will get much better.

Keep up the good work and think of the 7lbs in 4 days.
G: 9st3lb
Please dont give up....you will feel so so chuffed with yourself if you carry on!
Every single day that goes by i am amazed that i have managed it and its made me feel like if i can do this i can do anything- i truely was addicted to food! I am a third of my way through tomorrow (21/63 days) and i take every day as it comes!
I have ups and downs but its truely truely worth it- i promise!
My family also eat *****- because they are slim and can but i just have to keep remembering why i am here!
Thank you for all of those replys, they were very much appreciated. =) i didnt give up, im still going, although weighing myself this morning i didnt loose yesterday, now im not sure if that was because of the half a matled milk or because im on day 2 of my period? probably more likely to be period weight. But still in ketosis (veryhigh? told im not drinking enough - rang head office, they said if i feel fine then i just need to burn some ketones off with light excersize and im probably a person to have high ketones anyway? oooerr!) anyway - thank you for the support. this site it great!!! xxx

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