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Day 5.... 11 weeks to go


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Hi guys, anyone else on day 5 of CD. Hows everyone feeling?

I want to lose 3 stone in 11 weeks to get into that damn bridesmaids dress for my best friends wedding. My dress is currently a comfy size 16, would love it to be a 12. What you guys reckon...... is it do-able?
Hope everyone is well today. xx
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Getting my slim on!
Hi Katie, Yea you can defo get 3 stone-ish off in 11 weeks but ur gonna have to be good lol!!! no cheaty cheaty haha! Im on day 11 so far (I just had to count that on my hands as id forgotten - proof that it does get easier and the days fly by and you do stop counting the days till u can have a pizza hut buffet lunch again lol, well in my case that is!) I would like to shift 3 stone in that time, so ill be ya buddy u lucky devil u :) x


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Woohoo, I have a buddy :) lol . And definately no cheating (I WILL look good in that dress) :).

And.... mmmmm pizza hut :p. *Mouth watering*



Getting my slim on!
Haha I love pizza hut wayyyy too much!! Have you tried the dress on or is it just a certain size that you have ordered? x


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The dress i have ordered is a size 16 and fits well but REALLY want it to be altered to (at least) a 14 :), maybe pushing it a bit to be a 12.
Hows your day going? Im on day 6 now and feel fine woohoo. Altho my daughter has just had a subway grrrrr. xx


Getting my slim on!
You'll get in that dress no problem. My days going ok, went to see a mate and she is on slim-fast so we both had a liquid lunch. Got that Saturday feeling tho and would love to chill on the sofa with my bf, loads of booze and a chinese, But...im gonna be good. Need to go food shopping so waiting till 6, will down a shake before going so I dont get tempted by the lush food in tesco! Mmmmm subway, it will still be there in a few weeks! What are your plans for tonight? x


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When I started from 15.5 st I lost 3stone in 10 weeks and I've just lost almost 3st in 9 weeks from a higher weight...so 3 in 11 weeks at a lower weight start is definitely possible - but as it's already been said - no room for cheating in that time!


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Hi guys, sorry I havn't replied earlier, I stayed at my BF last night and forgot my laptop grrr. Well this is now day 7 for me (could really of had a booze last night as well but didn't). Had my shake instead and an early night. Thanks for your support bout the dress (size 12 here I come) woohoo. Although I am on day 7 I dont officially have my first weigh in with CDC until thursday because I started 4 days before my first app with her with packs I had leftover from last time I was on CD. Anyway I did have a sneaky peak on scales this morning and it said Ive lost 10 3/4 :) :) the most I have ever lost in my 1st week. Hope everyone has a lovely food free sunday. xx


Getting my slim on!
Yay great loss matey, and well done on resisting the booze - i resisted bacon sandwichs this morning and glad I did :) Have a gooden x
Hi guys. How is everyone getting on today? I was sooo hungry last night but was a good lass and got through it. Feeling great today :). xx
Well day 9..... pleased to say I don't feel hungry and struggled to drink all my shake this morning woohoo. Can't wait till weigh in on thursday. I'm starting to panic a bit now about my bridesmaid dress, I really really wana feel pretty in it, and all the other bridesmaids are a size 10 and 12. I just want to feel comfortable and time is ticking. I have been 100%ss though so there's not much more I can do except wait and see how well I do by the wedding. Finger's crossed for me

Hope all you lovely ladies have a great day. xx
Day 10.
I started CD 4 days before officially starting with my CDC (I had packs left over from last time a was on this diet), so I have my 1st official weigh in tomorrow night, cant wait :). But my CDC will only tell me my loss from my first app with her last week, so whatever my loss is I know that I've actually lost more due to starting myself 4 days earlier. Does that even make sense? haha. I know what I mean. Well 10 weeks on friday until I get into that bridesmaid dress :).
I love waking up in the morning now as well, I get out of bed and feel about 2 stone lighter than I was the night before haha. Anyone else get this? xx
Hi Katie!

Well done you! I've only been on CD for 3 days and today is the first day I feel somewhat normal-ish. This morning I woke up and thought I felt skinnier, so I know exactly what you mean! Gives you a little boost! Keep up the good work, you're doing great!!!!



Getting my slim on!
Hi mate, I wake up feeling lighter defo...except this morning I woke up with dread as I dreamt that I had eaten a whole bag of Tesco custard doughnuts!!! So random but I actually thought it had happened for about 30seconds when I woke up and I was gutted that id ruined my 100% streak!

Thanks l8msu, the first 3 days are defo the hardest so well done on getting past that :). Oh and I love waking up feeling thinner, its great.

And Hi Mishi :), Thought you had abandoned me hahaha. I have dreams all the time that I have ate, chocolate cake, biscuits, pizza, and like you feel so guilty when I first wake up lol, strange isnt it. When Im dreaming about it tho it feels so real, I can taste it and everything, it's bloody mad.

Hope you guy's have a great day tomorrow. I'll update you tomorrow as I'm off to bath my daughter now and have an early night myself (to dream about garlic bread and cheese, and garlic sauce mmmm)

Oh and I get weighed tomorrow at 4.30pm woohoo, can't wait. Speak soon, xx
Hey just read your diary, I'm on my 9th day today and I have to lose weight for my actually wedding on 27th july lol was hoping to lose a couple of stone, not too much obv cause my dress wont fit lol. I'm already struggling already had 2 mishaps and hated myself after.
We can do this tho! Good luck tomorrow x
Hi 120laura, aww bet your excited for your big day? I think im more excited about my friends wedding than she is (she's stressed to bits) lol. Don't worry about your few blips, just carry on and be strong :). I'm on day 11 now and feel ok, I went to see my dress again last night (didn't try it on though) but it helps keep me motivated.
I will post later on and let you know how my weigh in went. I'm nervous haha. Have a good day hun. xx
well done katie thats a brilliant weight loss hun.on the subject of losing 3st before the wedding you can defo do it hun stick to it 100% and it will fly off.
hope you have a good evening :)xx
hey katie u will be able defo to lose it just commit i have jus started us gurls need 2 stick 2 it and i have struggled but reading blogs in making me more confident xx

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